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Let's see if we can really put our country first.

Financial crisis

The present financial crisis was caused by greedy financiers located on Wall Street and at other financial centers of the world, not so much in Washington D.C., although their lobbyists there were not without influence in their underlying pecuniary mon-omania.

Those who hold the so-called “free market” as a sacred aspect of democracy or of the new global structure have yet to learn of the corrupting nature of government and market when combined in their efforts toward avarice.

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What should Shorewood do about its developing demographic shift toward a more elderly population?

The population shift.

The slow but steady reduction in school enrollment along with the underutilization of our school facilities is significant evidence of this evolving shift.

Our changing demography can also be seen in the kind of redevelopment process and in the home occupancy that is being reflected in an increase in mature households, smaller-sized families and families without children in the household. Many of these families have adult children that are off to college.

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Intergenerational communities

With our life span greatly extended today, we cannot continue to follow retirement standards of the 20th century.

We should begin thinking of extending our productive lives for another decade or so. Some who could have retired at 65 have instead chosen to carry on their work for another decade and could have been as effective and perhaps more effective for still another decade.

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She had caught some pretty good ones.

Intergenerational programs

The consequence of our emphasis on education within school institutions that have developed over the years turns out to be an ostracism or "a banishment of children from the world of adults," let alone that of the oldest adults. (Hannah Arendt).

On the other hand our perception of older adults as people on the path to marked physical and mental deteriorating conditions steer all generations away from much involvement with the oldest generations.

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Political-speak, mixture of oil and water.

Truth in politics.

I was a young idealist when I first heard someone say that “truth and politics are like water and oil and do not make a good mix.”

Politics on today's national scene seem to be a good demonstration of this sapience.

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Now, how will it evolve?

Buiding culture.

Suzanne's drawings, her reference to Central Park, her declaration of love of people and reference to the force or energy of ink shot right through my thoughts revolving around the meaning of culture.

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War and taxes.

Of course Governor Palin doesn't believe paying taxes is patriotic.

She lives in an oil producing State where the government pays dividends from its oil proceeds to its citizens. But here in the United States we cannot pump our tax money out of oil holes.

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Political judgment

Well, here's one October surprise.

Is today's news about Governor Palin and her first dude in the “ state troopers case” the beginning of her political bridge to nowhere? How does Senator McCain shake out in this one?

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. . . and then why.

Full stomach and proper perspective.

When I started writing this, this morning, I had just been watching the sun rise out of Lake Michigan into a partially cloudy sky, this huge ball, the center of our universe.

Now here I sit in Shorewood, an urban place that we call a village, the sun streaming though the window a reminder of the insignificance of human presence here.

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. . . when the times call for action

Leadership power

Our country has evolved into a two political party system sharing power in the congress and with a relatively strong presidency that cannot function well without its support.

Therefore these two units of government are involved in the real functioning leadership of this country.

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. . . thought is life forming.

Inward thoughts.

The eldest in society, those fortunate enough not to be too concerned with obtaining food and shelter tend to turn inward and usually to the past.

After all, the greater part of life for elders is in the past.  And who knows more about one's life than oneself and therefore inward viewing becomes somewhat a functioning form of personal history.

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Convergence as the point of reality.

Improbables and reality

For many years I've been concerned about the existence of things and of the existence of thought itself.

But life has kept me too busy with other things to devote the time that a would-be philosopher should to such notions of this nature as they come to mind.

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Our soft more vulnerable side.

Our vulnerable sides.

Memories seem to be packaged emotions staked up on a shelf somewhere in the mind, labeled “happy” and “sad.”

As we grow older I've noticed we go to that shelf more and more often, especially when chatting with old friends.

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We don't need more upholstered furniture.

Senior group living and senior cohousing are two methods for providing seniors with security and independence in the later years of their lives.

Here older adults are involved in their own actual care and participate in the provision of care for others on a family-like and small-town and village community basis, that of living as independently as possible.

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Objective what?

Local government

We often use the term Village Hall to identify our local government here in Shorewood.

When I use the term, I'm not talking about the building that is referred to as Village Hall but to our governmental institution as a collective body, physically represented by that building.

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Zzing, Zzzing, Zzzzing. “This is only a test.”

Indoor coffee patio for seniors.

I'd like to put our village board members to a test.

As a citizen of our village, I want to submit a proposal for an indoor coffee patio, mainly to be used by our senior citizens at the basement level of our library building that would remove the three upholstered pieces and include about twice that area for the purpose proposed..

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A billion years, theories of time and reality.

Sun's life remaining--one billion years.

How long can one wait for a response to a proposal for an indoor coffee patio?

Scientist remind us that time is relative, yet we are told that the sun will fairly soon, that is in a billion years begin its route to becoming a black hole. 

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Each day as part of forever.

What is forever?

Einstein said that time is relative.

To a 20 year-old, a billion years is forever. Even fifty years is forever.

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The greatest of the great.

Generational greatness.

Those whom we call the greatest generation are mistakenly called so.

It was their parents who were the greatest generation.. They experienced both the great depression and the greatest of wars and sent their sons and daughters off to war to protect this country, Europe and most of the peoples of the world.

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What? Not the real villagers?

Real village

It has become obvious that Shorewood has most of the elements that would constitute a real village and real community.

They are already here and need to be organized for that purpose.

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Questions, with and without answers.

Is questioning basic to education?

The purpose of education is to create new ways of thinking of the world based on new information.

Does this mean that we discard information accumulated in the past?

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Are evil means justified by good results?

Good and evil.

Human beings concern themselves with good and evil as life and survival encounters both. And both are rather indefinable forces.

A physicist might regard these to be two opposing forces, one negative and one positive. Each is required and both must exist like two magnetic forces in order to maintain the energy field that results from that existence, like two celestial revolviing bodies pulling away but attached to each other by a magnetic force. 

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The other end of the age scale?

A school-type district for senior citizens.

It seems that politicians are insensitive to needs of the elderly and have an alien disinclination to think about them and their social lives.  I find this to be the case here in Shorewood.

Monetary considerations seem more important features of community governments and if seniors are considered at all, they are thought of merely as tax-paying residents.

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Senior Service A Priority?

Senior service boards.

The total number of older adults, 65 and older is significantly close to the total number of children enrolled in the Shorewood School District and rapidly increasing.

Most of these adults are directly or indirectly paying property tax to maintain the educational process within Shorewood's school system.

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