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What about a more perfect democracy?

Empire of democracy.

Senator John McCain, one of the candidates likely to become president of the United States, has indicated that we might remain in Iraq for some time.

And he is probably right. Now that we're in, getting out is going to be quite tricky. The question is, what will be the purpose of our stay? How many troops are going to be required and what is their task going to be?

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Beyond pot-hole mending.

New infrastructures

Much of Shorewood's infrastructure is in the “100 year-old” category. We've been quite frugal over its maintenance, primarily because it's costly and shows no immediate financial pay-back.

Another reason for limiting our expenditures along these lines is that our politicians have usually promised minimum or no tax increases. We've also relied on the thinking that “if it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

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Little guy.

Little creatures.

He would lie next to my work. As I wrote he heard the clicking. When I paused he offeed his little head for petting. Then he'd walk all over the table. Never placing a paw on the keys.

Now he is no more. And we shall miss the soft purr and gentle nature of this frail little creature.  His honest personality gave so much to us.

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Does our economy add up to a mere trickle?

Pump priming.

Politicians necessarily include economic theory into their political presentations. These are usually amazing ventures into nothingness.

President Bush's economic policies have been as bad as Hoover's, except that Hoover didn't give us a war.

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What about it?


Elizabeth Price, Director of Shorewood's Senior Resource Center has been doing excellent work for the seniors of this community. It seems to me that it would take a staff of several people to do all that she accomplishes.

It's obvious to most people who have experienced the senior programs that further progress here requires more attention by the Village Board in terms of providing staff. I would think that at least 2 more people are needed to continue the good work. The Bill Benjamin fund could help carry the additional staff for the next few years for starters.

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Beats dictatorhips.

Appointing a president.

Well, the Shorewood Village Board did again, This time they made two significant mistakes.

One, they approved the Sunrise development, a project for those in the sunset of their lives—seems there was a song, sunrise, sunset. But a mistake never-the-less.

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Downside up sometimes seems better than upside down.

Democratic elections

Further consideration of the appointment of trustees for Shorewood rather than election might lead us to the following assumptions:

First assumption: existing members feel that that they are good judges, if not the best judges of what makes a good trustee and are willing to examine and interview those who make themselves available and then select one from the pool to join them on the Board of Trustees.

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The “golden goose policy”.

Property tax, the golden goose of local government.

Somewhere along the line, I heard that Shorewood was pursuing a policy for attracting young families with school-aged children that would help bring state revenue to our school system.

Most of the new development that has taken place has been in the form of condos that usually attract people of more mature age and who usually are without children.  So much for how that policy has influenced our demographics.

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America in evolution

Working toward a more perfect democracy, today we as Americans have good reason to be proud. We have arrived at a stage where as a nation we are ready to elect either a woman, an elder citizen or person of color to the office of president.

This we have done without conscious organization.

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The rest of the world.

In spite of serious and deep ironies at this nation's birth, one of America's major problems, following the occupation of an important part of a continent, became that of trying to absorb and of carrying out an idea that gave rise to this nation.

This idea based on notions of freedom and equality developed a culture that later also accepted all of humanity and the equality of each individual in  the world.  However, even today we have been unable to condense in words and in deeds how we are to fulfill that role for ourselves as a nation and how to present it to the rest of the world.

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World Leadership

Globalization to most of us means buying more and more of our daily goods from somewhere else.

The term human globalization however, brings with it a different thrust, a different significance based on our humanity and not merely on our economic, political or military prowess.

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community and humanity

How significant is a community like Shorewood, in the broad spectrum of a global civilization?

Communities are among the smallest social atoms that make up the structures of nations and civilizations. Yet in today's world, we've been getting reports back from relatives and friends in Sweden and in Canada who are reading my blogs and giving their comments.

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Social community development.

Shorewood has all the ingredients of community.

What we need now is to put together all of those social elements that bring about the development of community.

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School as community center.

Local school systems are important elements of the community not only because they serve its members but because they are of the community, perhaps schools are the community's most visible element in today's world.

The basic service of the public schools has pretty much been limited to teaching. School sports have grown out the schools' ventures into recreation. Therefore, these have become central to most of the activities of our young.

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Elderly and the community.

Survival, humanity's common purpose is found in the everyday and natural processes of the community.

Theses characteristics, more transparent in our view of ancient villages are not as readily observed in modern neighborhoods and communities.

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Life and time.

The old man in his space.   Where and  when?  Oakland Avenue in Shorewood. Saturday morning. Sunny spring day. Clutter of police cars.  Man in handcuffs.  Street in construction.  Sand, dirt and stones on walkway.

Salute a friend. Tables and chairs along walkway present images of Europe. Holes in the street. Pedestrian crossings. Brown tile. Some cars stop. Some people wave. Some say hello. Some self-engrossed.

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Thoughts and mind events.

Balloons for a party. Graduation gift for another. Man in handcuffs. House break-in. News of death in Iraq and in China.

All this in one's own mental experience at a moment in time. How many minds in the world with hundreds of different mind-experiences . . . mind events, how many are there at this same moment?

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America's future.

The large question for the coming year is, can Barack, Hillary and Nancy, three people recognized by their first names, help keep this the land of opportunity?

Can they help maintain a free society at home and our security abroad and revitalize the image and the dream of America?

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The elderly among us.

In the past the elders recalled the world that they had lived. They became the respected historians, the wise men.

Today history is already recorded and interpreted by young historians. The elders no longer have any worth except as to the value of their holdings. And these are usually only of family interest.

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Flying is unpleasant travel.

Of course I remain interested in what takes place publicly in Shorewood, in its street life and in the emanating aspects of social and political activities.

There are some parts of the world I'd like to visit again that are not on “travel film,” nor that can be experienced in a personal way. There are places that I'd like to revisit in Sweden, in England, in Italy and especially in London.

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Community solar energy structures.

Shorewood's snow removal problem, especially in our business district is being viewed at an appropriate time in history. At a time when there's some concentration on solar energy.

Major crosswalks become problems in the winter because of the snow accumulation: partial solution: develop sculptured canopies over the crosswalk areas that will also support solar energy collectors, not the regular rectangular type but visually artistic products.

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The rejection of new Ideas.

The vigor of society is in its critical thought and ability to make discoveries and inventions, resulting in wealth-creation.

Bureaucratic and political thinking does NOT lend itself to new or untested ideas.

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War and its justification.

Americans have set aside one day in the year when we honor those who have died in our wars.

I believe that during my lifetime that I've experienced only part of a long period between the end of the first World War until the second one when we had no real involvement in war, one generation of peace.

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Real community.

The term self-generation perhaps is as aptly applied to community as it is to any form of organic development.

Community” when used biologically generally  refers to a collective form of life on which the individual organisms are dependent.

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