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Chance conversations as I walk my usual path make the path unusual. Chance conversations inside my home change the day!

Last month I answered the phone and a voice said, “Hi Grandma.”

“Oh, hi!” I replied.

“Do you know who this is?”

“Sure. I have only one grandson old enough to have a deep voice.”

“Yes, and I have a terrible cold. I’m surprised you recognized me. Did you
hear what happened to me?”

“No! What?”

“My friend Stephen won a fishing trip to Canada, and that’s where I am, right near Niagara Falls.”

“Stephen? I don’t think I know him.”

“Well, you probably never met him. Anyway, it was a last-minute thing, so I’m not surprised you didn’t know.”

“I bought you some science fiction books, Jean Auel, ever heard of her?”

“I’ve heard good things about her. Look, Grandma, I want to tell you something. I know I can trust you, and I don’t want anyone else to know, but I’m in a lot of trouble.”

“What happened?” I asked. Hmm. He may have a deep voice, but his parents aren’t going to let a 14-year old skip school to go to Canada!

“When we crossed the border the police found a little marijuana in the car and arrested us. I swear, Grandma, I didn’t know he had marijuana in the car. Anyway, I don’t want to go to jail, and I have one call and am calling you.” In the car? They DROVE to Canada?


“I never even tried marijuana, I’m the only one whose drug test was clean.”

Only one? I decided it was time to pop the question, “When’s your birthday?”

“Why are you asking? You want to be sure of who I am? You recognized my voice right away.” That was by a process of elimination, and in reality his voice sounded a little too smooth, a lot too smooth, no longer had that adolescent unpredictability.

“When’s your birthday?” I repeated.

“Don’t you know? When’s yours?”

“No, tell me when your birthday is.”

“You big fat liar,” and he hung up.

Oh, darn it. I didn’t handle it well. I should have found out where he wanted me to wire the money. The police might have been interested.

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