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Can we wait for global warming to do the job?

Snow removal

Rain water is pretty much well-drained from the streets and public places of Shorewood, except for some basement backups which could also be corrected.

On the other hand, Shorewood Village Hall seems to be at a loss when natural moisture falls on the Village in the form of snow or when conditions turn that moisture into ice.

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The most of "unreality" is mine.

The clanish nature of politics

Physical scientist work to give logic to our hard physical world.

Yet this logic found in the most brilliant of minds stems from the organic, the softest form of reality.

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Not village and especially not clan.

Suburban villages

The clan is able to incorporate both its power of religion and government within its organic-self, functioning as one, an unitary organism.

Some tribes or clans, more often decedents of a common ancestry, sometimes separate their group religion from their war functions or common governance. In most cases the clan integrates these functions as one.

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A not fully visible movement.

Seniors and community

Most of my postings have been aimed at integrating older citizens of Shorewood into a community-like structure.

These long term analyses show that characteristic elements of community do exist in Shorewood but that they are not sufficiently energized or appropriately aligned and integrated to accommodate older adults into a supportive community.

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Local government.

Hi. This is your imaginary dog, Sport, reporting back.

Are you going to be surprised with what I've discovered!  Only a dog (and especially an imaginary dog) would have found the reality of what is going on at Village Hall.

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War only with overwhelming force.

Fighting Economic Depression.

If I'm to start my day by writing a short commentary, I must take that thought that is most prominent in mind and begin putting it down on paper, (put into text) that is, if I'm to complete it before breakfast, or sometimes before lunch.

From there, the thought carries itself on. I've read the book “The Art of War” based on the writings of an old Chinese general at about 500 B.C.

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Building a community center

At one point the leaders of the City of Glendale decided that instead of a piece-by-piece renewal or up-grading of their previously out-moded shopping center that they'd start from scratch.

Looking at their property tax returns, we can say that it was an excellent financial decision.

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Our changing economy.

It now has become obvious to many of us that we have to do something about our economy to make it work.   It appears that a new view of the economy is developing.

So what is the economy as we see it in today's terms? The economy might now be defined as that element of the social structure that has to do with the production of usefully required products and services that will function in our sustenance as a nation.

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Greed and capitalism.

The past decade has shown how important greed has become in this country both in government, business and among some of our churches.

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Is the economy only a component of society?

"Free market?"

As the last of my three economic postings, I was going to write on what I describe as “justified earnings and justified profits,” fully realizing that I would also have to come up with a definition for what ”justification" is. 

How could I do this without creating a whole new religion, which I wouldn't be able to do on less than ten pages or at least with ten well-thought out points.

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A place to sit and listen?

Who I am.

Well, I've returned from my lecture tour and am again where I can sit in my “village square.”

My lecture tour is as much a figment of my imagination as is my village square. And it is in these few hours in early morning that I do not have to face the reality of life, when I can turn myself over to the imaginations of my mind.

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Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Or is this simply no big deal?

Democracy at the local level

Of course we must accept that all three of the Village Trustee seats that expire this year are not being contested so the incumbents are running without opposition.

All incumbents for local races will be on the ballot and no additional candidates have filled papers.”   Incumbents  must, of course, love their jobs.

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What? Representative government? No big deal.

Representative local government.

 I believe that those in office within the Village of Shorewood have the responsibility to publicize with great and long celebration when an election is coming, months before and encourage as many citizens as possible to run for the honor of office.

It would be possible for a community of our size to come closer to practicing town meeting-type of government than many others. Then elections would not be required. Pure democracy could of course only be practiced within the limits of a town, where we could hold town meetings. This was one of Thomas Jefferson's basic views.

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A sort of ruling dynasty? Is that Jeffersonian democracy?

Local elections

Last year we had a vacancy on the Shorewood's Village Board. About 10 people made application for the appointment. Why were there so many then and now no opposition to 3 incumbents running for these positions?

One answer might be that running for a position where it might take months of effort against an opposing candidate versus appointment, a two-day effort, or only a few hours in actual fact, of course might lead someone to prefer accessing a seat by appointment.

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Is there real vision in a vision plan? Who envisions it?

Vision plans are vision plans

These questions appear to reflect some intelligence but its like the emperor without clothes. What do we envision?  People who ask questions appear smarter than the silent ones, who, by the way look  pretty smart because they keep quiet and don't ask questions.

Although I attended some meetings when the Shorewood vision plan was being envisioned, I'm not sure that I recall what went into the whole vision process and finally into the “vision plan.” I'm not very good at playing these kind of games.

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Do we have a need for an “honorable opposition?”

Honorable opposition at the local level.

Honorable opposition” means those elected members of the minority party. I'm not a member nor even elected, but I'll have to function in the role of opposition so that we don't lose complete interest in our local government.

This year we'll have the same members on Shorewood's Village Board as we had at the end of last year. We have two members' terms expiring next year.

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This zone that I call “modernity”.

Between past and future.


Modernity” becomes that sensitive organic bridge between past and future. Modernity is the term I've been giving to this link to the past as we reach out to the future. Therefore it is a point in time attached to the immediate past, an ever-moving space toward and into the future.

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SCHWARTZ'S -- opportunity to link past and future.

Chance to renew the past.

The Schwartz book store is among one of the most important private social enterprises in Shorewood. I've often wondered as to how it was underpinned financially.  Now I know that it was pure spirit. We need to keep it alive.

Here is where Shorewood's Community Development Authority could begin re-inventing itself within that spirit, superimposing a modern social function onto this extended bit of our past.

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“MODERNITY.” Is it the actual bridge between past and future?

Past influences, present and future.

Our near future is perhaps who we are now, extended somewhat into the long run.

Who we are has already been determined by whom we were.

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What about village-type shops in Shorewood? Who knows?

Village redevelopment

Is what is happening to Shorewood's Schwartz's Book Store on Oakland Avenue going to happen to that whole block?

Is that whole block going to disappear? What's the timing?

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Losing local institutions

Schwartz's book store in Shorewood--closing down to make room for a new grocery store building, was painful  news to Suzanne Rosenblatt as she wrote and to many of the rest of us as well. 

Suzanne, as you indicated this is one of our very important institutions and at the heart of our community now about to hit the dust, literally. .

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Maybe we shouldn't vote at coming election?

Village character

It's obvious that the name Schwartz is going to disappear from our book store here in Shorewood in the next few months.

But isn't there someone in Village Hall who could do something about retaining that store and the character it contributes to our village? Is no one there sensitive to our evolving village culture.

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Book store, a village service?

Local service.

Many of us are aware that newspapers, magazines and book publishers are in for tough times for various reasons. These type economic changes occur within normally energetic cultures and are likely to occur in dynamic economies like ours, even when the economies are not having tough times.

Yet many of the services remain as requirements even though the industries cannot find profit in providing them. Sewer systems and clean water supply, even roads in some instances operated as private services and charged tolls. We still have toll roads but in most cases these are governmentally operated.

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