Human dignity. All are born equal.



Social Security and Medicare spares the churches from having to foot the bill for these services as they once did in this country. Churches in the 1930s were not in very good economic condition to perform the many services that both these programs perform today. Churches today are perhaps even less capable.


The profit component was not there inthe past. I wonder how private hospitals would fare today without Medicare?  People in poverty would have no one to pay their hospital bills for them.  Perhaps churches would then have to go into providing minimum charity care for these people.


Some one said that “the poor shall always be with us.” Not even capitalism nor socialism has been able to correct the deficiency of humanity that accepts and permits poverty to go unchecked. Capitalism is even less concerned with equality and human welfare.


If one that really wants to work could get a job why is it that we have as many as 20 million who would want to work but who are unable to find jobs within our economic system?


A young person who does not find food on a regular basis can either enter the military or prison and get regular daily meals and medical care. Society accepts these as necessary services within these institutions.


A person in poverty who does not want to enter prison nor the military services needs to find a job or raise his own food and perhaps skip medical care. Not many of the unemployed raise their own food nor can they go to work at non-existing jobs nor pay for medical care on a private basis.


Not only are the poor always with us but so are our elderly parents and grandparents who are unemployable for one reason or another. Age and disabilities being two of their main reasons. “Honor thy father and mother.” What does humanity do for the elderly?


At the present time Social Security and Medicare help and give appropriate assistance in some circumstances. Yet even more is required.


Some people elected to government offices believe that the elimination of Social Security and Medicare from government involvement would solve many of the evil problems of society and therefore set up the elimination of these programs as their main priorities.


These Federal, state and even county elected officials usually receive regular pay, health insurance and are assured pension payments upon retirement. They accept these benefits as the entitlements of being elected to government office.


How do people without jobs and not elected to government get the benefits that most of us who believe that those type of benefits afforded elected officials should be normal for most people who want to contribute their labor?


Some societies do better than others in providing situations of dignity to most of their citizens, if not all of them. Social Security and Medicare go a long way toward providing a modicum of dignity to human life to many who live here.  


One may wonder as to why those who are elected to public offices and who seek even more dignity for themselves would want to remove the systems that bring some of that dignity to their fellow human beings, some of whom have contributed to the process of their election.


Is the pronouncement that “all men are born equal” not true or does it require some modification?


These words account for some of my thought for this morning. So there you have it, as my niece is fond of saying or that is the way it is as a newsman used to say.  Therefore, as you have read to the end, I wish you a good day and good luck.


Perhaps my words have stimulated some thoughts on your part. I would like to hear from you.





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