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Basic Republican equality.


George Washington was a slave holder.

One of the men who is among my three favorite presidents was Thomas Jefferson, also a slave holder, who took one as his wife. She wasn't freed until after his death.

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Group living – for the elderly?

Community and the elderly

In the past the churches took on the responsibility of taking care of the elderly who could not care for themselves, just as they provided for hospital care for the sick.

Many hospitals today are still known by their previous religious identities.

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Oh my God, he was a lovely fox.

World of thoughts.

The call came in. It was my nephew in Stockholm in Sweden. What are you doing there? We're purchasing testing equipment for the firm. Nice of you to call, give my love to your wife when you get back to California.

Many things in his brain as in mine. We need more time to exchange thoughts. We both loved my brother.  See you during the holidays.

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Giving honor to our elderly.

Honoring the elderly

I believe that our ancestors, even those recent ones, dying today and yesterday are our legacy and what legacy.

I believe that their belief in equality and dignity as they have interpreted these characteristics of our nation have made us what we are and our young people should learn to appreciate what they inherit.

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Bottom up economic stimulus only remedy.

Bottom up stimulus.

Congress should provide the Big Three auto makers bridge-financing to carry them over into late January so that the new president and new congress can make provisions for providing the Big Three a good economic base.

The three auto firms should meanwhile produce only those cars that they think that they can make money on during these times and begin preparing themselves for producing small hybrid cars that they can sell. They should get into battery production that can be used in hybrid cars and in individual homes in connection with individual-home solar energy and wind systems.

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They shall remain part of the machine.

Consensus-making and leadership.

Consensus makes it possible for the least qualified of the group to share in authority.

As a goal, consensus acts to fortify group action and does not operate toward agreement nor does it encourage creative thought that might yield leadership among elected officials.

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Municipalities and economic stimulus

Shorewood should begin immediately to prepare itself for the War against Recession that will officially begin after the inauguration of our new president in late January.

This war has two major purposes, 1) to place money in the hands of workers so that they can spend it immediately so that these expenditures operate as an “economic stimulus” against the recession, and 2) in addition to making it possible for the workers to earn a living, it will make significant long term investments in our infrastructure.

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Car and home.

Bail outs.

O.K. Now I now how to handle the BIG 3.

Let's buy 55% of the stock of each of the American auto firms at today's market rate and turn them over to the Department of Commerce to handle under Secretary Richardson.

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Growing too old for what?

Dog days

Well, here we are again. As I indicated to you the other day, I”m growing too old to remain you imaginary dog and supplying you with ideas for your postings everyday.

Besides, what are people going to think if they find out that you have an imaginary dog. Imaginary dogs are for kids. All right, pet my head if you like, but I'm going to begin living a retired dog's life. No more ideas from me.

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Shaggy dog becomes Snoopy dog.

Shaggy dog tales

I'm dog tired.  I've just come back from Village Hall and didn't see a Board member around.

Are you sure that we have a Village Board? I was snooping around there and didn't see much. Incidentally, whatever they use for cleaning their carpets smelled awfully strong, so close to my nose. It almost blew out my sniffing apparatus.

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Too many consultants and too many master plans.

Business district design.

Consultants, have been  in most cases, about a half step ahead of conventional approaches to most municipal problems, even if that far ahead.

The development of master plans then, as developed are based on a collectively extracted consensus.

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Anitdote to a political disease.

The disease of "power and authority".

The governor of Illinois, a Democrat could have risen to dangerous heights.  In Roman days he could have become a Ceasar, but not in the USA. 

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Who owns the snow?

Sidewalks and snow.

Sidewalks, public or private?

I seldom walk back and forth on the public sidewalk in front of my house. However, dog walkers, joggers and others make public use of it.

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Shaggy or Snoopy, call me Sport.

Virtual dog

I've just come back from Village Hall and I didn't see a Board member around.

Are you sure that we have a Village Board? I was snooping around there and didn't see much. Yet I felt a little uncomfortable there like everything was imaginary. I think Village Hall is virtual reality. Incidentally, whatever they use for cleaning their carpets smelled awfully strong. It almost blew out my sniffing apparatus.

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Social, political and economic.

The evolution of the two party system.

The Republican party of Lincoln, the anti-slavery party, once at war with the South, it seems, is evolving into the party of the South.

One of the reasons for this is that the GOP accommodates various types of “economic religions” that are willing to accept or support the main tenets of the the unfounded notion of the "invisible hand" that controls the free market.

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Shoes in the news.

A loss of a shoe and the war was lost.

My Shorewood banker said, “I'd hate being in the new president's shoes when he takes office”

That reminded me of this one guy who hated his shoes so much and the President as well, that he threw them at the President. I'd hate being in either one's shoes.

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Then, we've had it.

Funds for education

When I returned from Europe after “THE WAR,”as we used to say, I was to return to college as soon as possible.

No problem with costs. We had the GI Bill, that paid for the works. We didn't have to borrow money. It paid through my master's degree and I was able to manage it from there.

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It pays off.

Education and civilization

We now know, and it must be clearly announced, that modern civilizations are dependent on the best education that can be attained by every member of society.  

The best among those educated then become the leading innovators. This has been clearly proven in the past 50 years and also as we examine the centuries.

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What do you say to that?

Human souls.

I know that you always bring me into the discussion when it deals with the mundane. You never involve me in your highly intellectual discussions.

You want to keep me in safe territory? That doesn't say much about my intellect. You know that dogs are quite intelligent. We've been in human relationships since the early Egyptian periods.

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An honest or reasonable man.

Waiting for a reasonable man.

Today, I have this feeling of waiting.

Waiting for what, for more snow, for the auto industry to revive, for something great to happen?

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Why shouldn't we commit ourselves to becoming an energy independent community?

Community energy independence.

It has become quite apparent to me that Shorewood can become the model suburb when it comes to supplying our own energy.

To do this we should make our principle goal that of becoming an energy independent community. I believe that we could within a decade become 80 to 90 percent energy-self-sustaining, providing for most of our energy needs.

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Money back into circulation..

New Resources for Recovery.

Self-sustaining to me means NOT living beyond your means.

From a natural resource point of view, living beyond one's means is the depletion of resources that cannot be replenished.

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Snow country.

Snow removal

Congratulations to David Tatarowicz, you got through to Shorewood Village Hall.

They finally let the Department of Public Works do the practical thing. DPW understands that the removal of the snow in the business district is the solution, not moving snow aside.

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Everyone knows what me and my dog get.

Local community responsibilities.

A few hours ago I removed the snow on the sidewalk in front of my property and cleared it down to the pavement.

About half an hour ago, Shorewood's snow plowers replaced more snow and gunk on the sidewalk than I blew away An area between the sidewalk and the curb now contains snow about four to five-foot high.

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Can one be reasonable and unreasonable at the same time?


Someone, wiser than I am, pointed out that I've been making a terribly huge mistake for the past number of years.

And now I have to admit to it.

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At the Shorewood Village Square.

Village squares

Economics and the architectural character of cities, with political philosophy as an accompanying sideline have been at the heart of my intellectual and professional life.

Perhaps now, in the village square of Shorewood, I should sit here on one of the benches, contemplating past and future and waiting for a friend to pass by, and perhaps he may join me and we could turn to more village square matters, that is if I can find the village square. There I go again.

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. . . in political trouble if this had come up as a real suggestion.

Shorter transition period.

I was sitting in Shorewood's imaginary town square on an imaginary bench, of course with my imaginary friend and my imaginary dog at my side.

So far, I'm the only one who's not imaginary, because I'm doing all the imagining. But what happens if I too become imaginary? A subject for discussion at another time.

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The mind, a private place.

The private mind.

Shorewood—my own private place.

But human beings are communal, Acting together.

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Private, privately private, Mind and Place. And there are other places.

Private mind and place

Shorewood become my private place.

We are not so communal here, occasionally acting social, looking together,

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Candidates for Village Board.

Candidates and election

It seems that three Shorewood Village Board members' offices will expire in 2009.

I haven't heard nor seen anything in the news about this. It seems that we need a couple of candidates for each seat so that the citizens might get a choice in who will represent us.

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What is “our own good?”

Candidates and election

I suppose that at least two of the three incumbents will re-run for office here in Shorewood for the same reasons that they  ran before.

Their main reason is to serve the citizens of Shorewood and do things for “our own good.” But in that same interest we may not be told about “our own good” nor should it perhaps be explained as events turn.

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“Won't you be my neighbor?”


Robert Runyon had lived in his home for 30 years, but he really didn't know many of his neighbors.”

This was the way an article titled “Welcome to the neighborhood” begam in an alumni journal.

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Seems a bit unfriendly.

Unfriendly greeting

In a memo emanating from Shorewood Village Hall, residents are being wished happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.

We are also being reminded of a snow code that involves imprisonment up to 90 days.

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Shouldn't we expand our review of government?”

Seeking transparency

I don't suppose most people who moved to Shorewood and living here do so because of the excellent government that we have here.

They would probably be more concerned with our excellent school system.

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