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Patriotism and the presidency.

Presidential elections.

The national political scene seems to be proving the old adage, that things are not always what they appear to be.

Supporters of politicians running for president try to use today's communication media for their proposes of bit by bit developing the image of what their future candidate will look like and how he will conduct himself once he's in office.

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Taking on Whackamo

Here’s some stuff to practice with your kindergarten children to get them ready for the “big school”. Start now and maybe the transition will be easier for everyone. First of all, tell them not to worry about where they are supposed to line up on the first day. We'll find them. Believe me, we need every body for our 3rd Friday student count upon which all federal funding depends. Have your child bring all supplies on the first day. That way, there will be no worries about what you need to send and if the teacher is going to remind your little sweetie yet again that the 20 sharpened pencils were due on day 1. Be sure a name is on everything that it's supposed to be on, like P.E. shoes.

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Children of God.

Americans are “disinformed” about homelessness in this country.

It has recently been revealed that more than 400 teen-agers are separated from family and without a place to sleep or able to appropriately shelter themselves in the Milwaukee area.

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Playdar: Is Your Child On the Screen?

Ensuring that your child knows what to do during school recess periods can affect his peer group and social life more than you may know. Teaching simple rules and activities will make inclusion more likely, make your child more confident and guaranty you will have less free time than you thought you might this summer. Suck it up, put on your tennis shoes and get out in the yard.

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Shorewood 4th of July Parade --- Best in Years !!

Fourth of July Parade

 Kudos to Fourth of July coordinator Jan Zehren for a Great Fourth of July Parade.  It was without a doubt the best that Shorewood has put on in the 15 years that I have seen.

 The 3:30 timeframe seems to work particularly well in attracting a large number of participants.

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When American soldiers were hitting Omaha beach, named after my home town, a name taken from a tribe of native Americans, thousands of us were in the Manchester area, fairly north in England in a continuous process of reconditioning and of upgrading hundreds and hundreds of aircraft engines, a process that didn't end until the day of the ending of the war itself.

These were my thoughts, stimulated by the display and shooting of fireworks over Independence Day this past weekend. Love of country and patriotism were talked about by politicians this weekend as well. I don't have any thoughts of soldiers talking about patriotism nor as to whether the term would have better equipped us for the war at hand.

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Shorewood, what about it?

Senior Group Homes

Shorewood has a redevelopment program for remodeling duplexes already  underway.

I'm therefore proposing that two or three of these buildings, closely located if possible, to be remodeled as “group homes” for seniors.

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Dude, Turn Away From the Mic

Don’t you hate it when you’re sitting on a dais behind a microphone and you mention that you’d like to cut out some guy’s body parts and two hours later the whole cable-watching world hears you say it? Yeah, that’s a bummer. It was shocking. I can’t believe in 2008 that anyone in public life could be so careless as to think the mic in front of him wasn’t hot, video cameras weren’t running, cell photos weren’t clicking or text pads were not being played like Steinways at a Van Cliburn Competition.

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Shorewood BID Financial Expenditures & Vendors


Hello Readers 

As a result of an Open Records Request, I obtained the following information from the Shorewood BID  regarding expenditures and vendors for the past two years.  The Vendor information is incomplete, and I hope to have further information regarding them soon.  Also, some Vendors are hidden via reimbursement for expenditures, not listing the Vendor.

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Brett, Brett, Brett. What Are We Going to Do With You?

You know it’s a good gig when someone retires then wants back in a few times. You won’t find that to be a trend in the teaching business. Generally, teachers who sit before the press and make their statements do so with a plane ticket in one hand and a martini in the other. They have agonized over the decision for months; do they sell the house and get an RV with a wet bar and hot tub, or keep the house and build that tatami mat meditation room with plenty of room for the chi to flow through? The same room that will have surround sound, a water feature, lucky bamboo and an indoor home theater built off to the side painted in colors called, Peace or Tranquility.

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Seniors needs

Most seniors as they grow older prefer to stay in place and continue to live in their homes as long as they can.

My conversations with older adults in Shorewood and in the north lake shore communities, indicate that seniors rather move if they'd have to, to an apartment or a group home. This before extended care living. In most cases, they seem to prefer group homes.

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Planning for use of school facilities.

I believe that the number one issue in Shorewood, although partially invisible at the present time is what to do about our school facilities during declining school enrollment.

What would the closing of one school building in Shorewood do to the appearance of a prosperous suburb that we want to present?

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Changing Behavior w/o Changing Minds

So we’re all going to get reusable grocery bags. That’s what I read, anyway. Every household will have the opportunity to feel good about packing the Styrofoam and molded super plastic that fits so tightly around the item, you need a tile saw to open it. If it helps any, I don’t need a new grocery bag. I have two that I continually leave at home full of something else I had to haul.

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Parades, Flying Candy and Why They Don't Mix

Thiensville, you should have met with even one teacher before your parade. Actually, anyone doing anything ever that involves kids should check with the masters. We’ll tell you what will and what won’t work. Loose candy? Doesn’t work. It’s like a homerun ball sent into the stands. Get ready for pushing, injury, aggression and someone’s eye being put out. No matter how much churching, lecturing or reminding... flying candy and a crowd of kids? Not gonna work. Kids are all alpha dogs when it comes to airborne free stuff. Not all, mind you…there are those kids who shrink off to the sides or cover their faces with blindfold hands in this kind of situation. What the chaos theory of doling does, unfortunately, is to reward the already pushy children or the kids whose parents egg them on to get some of the candy they weren’t able to catch when they were kids. It’s hard to watch yours get nothing when the little brat in front of you has three pieces already.

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The End of Paycations?

Money a little tight this summer? Have you bought in to the “Staycation” craze yet? In case you’re not familiar with the term, a staycation is a vacation without the transportation. Plane fares and schedules are unpredictable or expensive or both, gas is expensive, food is expensive, let’s just say it’s too expensive to take a break from the high cost of living.

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Free To Scream-Kids and the Shower Rod

So for the last few days I’ve been reminded of how difficult it can be to be a student. I didn’t take a class, get private lessons or a tutor because I always figure, “How hard can it be?” All I wanted to do was put up a shower rod. I had all the tools a handy woman like me would ever need, including my alternative tool supply of butter knives, spatulas and a high heeled shoes. I’ve discovered these to be must-haves after a few decades of trying to complete one respectable DIY project.

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Biking, Anyone?

Driving three blocks to work is hard to defend. Believe me, I’ve tried. I try to avoid arriving at the same time the bicyclists do but should that occur, I drag a big cardboard box from the back of the car, pretend it’s heavy and lug it to the door, making it seem like a legitimate waste of energy. When someone offers a helping hand, I admit to having arm flab that needs tightening making carrying heavy things desirable. “Want me to carry your bike inside?”

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Why Can't a Black Owned Supermarket Survive in a Liberal Neighborhood ?

Local Merchants

 I think it is interesting that Lena's on Capitol has closed its doors.

Before becoming Lena's it was a Jewel Food Store, and as such I shopped there quite a bit. 

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How To Get That Teaching Job

When you interview for the job, be sure you act humble. Don’t go into the interview thinking you already have the job. Bosses would rather see you holding back your confidence so you seem like you are what you ought to be which is whatever you think they want.

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Has Wasserman built up Campaign Slush Fund from Taxpayer Dollars ?

Campaign Financing, Darling, Politicians & Politics, State Senate, Wasserman

The following information was posted on


Sheldon Wasserman Is Wasting Your Tax Dollars to Fund His Negative Campaign for State Senate

July 14, 2008  

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