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Village of Shorewood Celebrates Gift of Plensa Sculpture

Public Dedication Ceremony on September 21 To Include Visit by Artist

A public sculpture by the internationally known Spanish artist Jaume Plensa will be dedicated at Atwater Park (at the intersection of Capitol Dr. and Lake Dr.), in Shorewood, Wis. on Tuesday, September 21 as part of the Village’s new public art initiative. The dedication ceremony for “Spillover II” will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. when the public is invited to attend “Plensa in the Park,” a celebration that will include food, drinks and comments by the artist.

Shorewood’s new major art acquisition is an 8-1/2 ft. crouching human form with rounded contours that sits on a two-feet-high concrete pedestal. The letters that form the open framework suggest that language is our primary tool for experiencing the world and each other, and that we are, essentially, both limited and empowered by this abstract means of translating our experiences. “Spillover II” will be lit from within and will glow at night, acting as a subtle beacon for the park and providing a focal point at the end of the Village’s busiest street.

Plensa’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan. In the Midwest, his most famous and recognizable work, The Crown Fountain, is in Chicago’s Millennium Park. This work consists of a black granite reflecting pool placed between a pair of 50-ft., glass-block towers. Digital video images/faces of a broad social spectrum of Chicago citizens are projected on the towers, with water flowing through an outlet in the center of the screen, giving the illusion of water spouting from the mouths of the faces.

Shorewood’s Plensa sculpture is the first work of art in a comprehensive, though still developing, plan initiated by the Shorewood Public Art Committee, formed in 2001. “Spillover II” was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor. Additional sponsorships include the Shorewood Foundation, the Shorewood Men’s Club, the Village of Shorewood Marketing Program and the Village of Shorewood. Sponsors of the dedication event on September 21 are Coalesse and Bentley Prince Street.

The “Plensa in the Park” dedication on Tuesday, September 21 will feature a personal visit from the artist. The public is invited to attend from 6-8 p.m. Spread out a blanket or grab a picnic bench and enjoy the festivities on the night of the Equinox. Beverages and a limited menu will be sold at the event by Hubbard Park Lodge. For more information, please contact Dick Eschner, Public Art Committee Chair, at 414.964.4504 or

A post-party fundraiser to benefit Public Art Shorewood will be held after the dedication from 7:30-9 p.m. at the home of James and Vida Langenkamp in Shorewood. Refreshments will be catered by Hubbard Park Lodge and music will be provided by Shorewood High School student musicians. Attendance is limited to 150 people and the cost is $50 per person. To request an invitation, contact Pat Algiers at or 414.963.1613.


Storm sewers. Large sewer serve as retention.



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art, events, exhibits, family

The Milwaukee area is filled with my husband Adolph’s former students. He taught art at UWM for 33 years, and now, eleven years since he retired, they often stop him in the street or at an event to say they studied with him in the ‘60s, or ‘70s, or ‘80s, or ‘90s and loved his classes. They describe his impact on them and the work they’re doing now.

Actually I’m one of Adolph’s former students. I studied with him before he started teaching. That was our original agreement in January, 1960: I’d be his model, and he’d be my teacher. It worked out well for both of us!

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Whitefish Bay Block Parties

Whitefish Bay Block Parties

August was a busy month. We took a quick trip to San Diego and Washington DC. Both cities were wonderful and I would love to return to both. California has a gorgeous landscape and DC obviously has the history. It was SO hot in DC that I think a fall trip would be perfect.

We finished August with our annual Shoreland Avenue/Santa Monica Block party. We moved to the block 11 years ago on block party weekend and have not missed one since. Our kids have grown from 3 and 2 years old to 14, 13 and 8 years old. Kids love block parties; fire trucks, bouncy houses, water games, capture the flag and lots of great food.

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Dramatic solution. Sewers.

Immediate plans for handling our sewer problem.

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Earth Poets & Musicians, events

Lives may change in dribs and drabs, in falls, in sudden soars, with trauma, loss, raves and praise, with the people we happen to meet, a dream that awakens us in the night, chance remarks, sudden insights, and we may be aware, or unaware, that something’s different.

When Jeff Poniewaz invited me to be part of the Earth Poets in 1988, I did wonder whether I was really a poet, to say nothing of whether I was an Earth Poet! After all, I’d written very few poems, and only one worth mentioning.

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Computer and two-fisted thinking.

Computer and thought. Language in evolution.


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Representative government.



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Politics and urban planning.



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Evolution of the solution.

Sewer solution. Discussions with consultants.



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Who's in charge? Is there an external force at work, an invisible hand that guides the actions of Shorewood's Board of Trustees?

Political consensus. How does consensus materialize?



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Practicing community. Personalness.


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Upgrading of infrastructure will create jobs and pull us of this recession.

Upgrading local infrastures. Creating jobs. Investing in infrastructure.



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Thunder and rain, nothing special.

Nothing special. Thunder and rain. Sewer backup.



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Sewer backups mean excrement in the basements.

Heavy rain. Sewer backups.



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Suggestion to upgrade sewers, one month before the big backups.

Call for new sewers, on month before backups.



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Last Licks today at Baskin Robbins of Shorewood

So it's the end of another family place in Shorewood. Baskin Robbins is closing on September 26.

I remember walking there with friends in high school. It was a safe destination to walk, it was a good trek for a conversation with family, or with my friend Mike to go get his signature two-scoop cone with mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip. As a parent, is has been a good hook for a walk or ride with the kids, and a really fine complement to a bowl of mish mosh soup at Benji's.

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environment, pesticides, incident

There’s a corner house a block from ours, and every time I pass, I inspect the lawn. I want to be sure there are dandelion leaves.

A few years ago I’d sometimes see a stroller leaning against the garage and a dog lying in the grass next to a “pesticide application” sign. One day I saw a woman lift a child into the stroller. I inhaled, oh, I hate doing this, and asked her if she’s aware that lawn pesticides pose a danger to her child and her dog.

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PNC Bank adding Shorewood location; village Baskin-Robbins closes

Shorewood, Retail

PNC Bank is continuing its expansion in the Milwaukee area with another new location, this one at a former Hollywood Video store in Shorewood.

The building, at 4231 N. Oakland Ave., is being renovated to accommodate PNC, said Ericka Lang, Shorewood's planning and zoning administrator. The building has been vacant since Hollywood Video closed in 2009.

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