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Pet First Aid Class

Now Open for Registration! 

CPR Course and First Aid for Pets
Wednesday, January 18, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

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Bring hope to homeless animals

He was alone, abused, and helpless. A little grey and black tabby was living outside, which wasn’t ideal. But his circumstances went from bad to worse when a couple of kids forced his body to the ground and cut off his whiskers. Then they tried to drown the poor boy.

A sweet Miniature Schnauzer pup arrived at WHS with a lame rear leg, hobbling unsteadily as if her leg wasn’t there at all. When our veterinarian did x-rays, she found that Ruffles had broken her leg not long before arriving at WHS. It’s scary to think about the force that was needed to break the sweet girl’s leg. She had to have been terrified and in great pain.

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"No, Virginia. You didn't win the lottery."

scam, lottery_scam, BBB

By Susan Bach
Wisconsin Better Business Bureau

Recently, I was sitting at my desk listening to one of my colleagues, Tracy, talk to a consumer on the phone. She’s only a couple of cubicles over, so I can hear her end of the conversation pretty well.

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Chihuahua puppies looking for new homes

Looking for a young pooch? There are several puppies at WHS right now looking for loving homes. Meet Tina, Tatum and Tonya, three Chihuahua puppies! Looking for a larger breed dog? Eve and Eva are two Great Pyrenees mix sisters who are also available. Plus, we have Labrador Retriever mix puppies, and some really special adult dogs who already know the ropes! See all the available dogs (updated every 20-30 minutes) here:

We are open 10-8 Tues - Fri; 10-6 Sat; 11-5 Sunday.

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BBB Tips for Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges

holiday_shopping, gift_returns, BBB, Better_Business_Bureau

It happens every year: you get or give a gift that isn’t quite right.

A survey by the National Retail Federation showed more than one in three consumers, 38 percent, are expected to return at least some portion of their holiday gifts.

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Santa, I just want a home.

The Wisconsin Humane Society is hoping to place hundreds of homeless animals into loving homes in December. What better way to express the spirit and compassion of the holiday season than by helping an animal find a home? For many families that are taking vacation time to spend at home this season, there is no better time to adopt.

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incident, samaritan, walking

Every day’s an adventure, and every adventure is a learning experience. Maybe. Last Thursday I planned to get up at 6 AM, walk a mile with Adolph to the number ten bus for a one-hour ride to Froedert, take a one-hour bus ride back to Shorewood after his appointment, then the same one-mile walk back home.

The plan changed once we were on our way. Adolph was walking faster than usual between Maryland and Oakland. And on the downhill trek between Oakland and Wilson, he was walking much faster than usual, said his balance felt off. I grabbed his arm, tried to control his speed, “We have plenty of time to make the bus,” I said. He slowed a bit, then accelerated. I hung on. We crossed Newhall, and he began to lurch forward, faster faster, I tried to tried to slow him stop him. He’s heading towards the grass, knows he’s going to fall, I suddenly realized as the sidewalk came up and smacked me in the face, and the grass smacked him!

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Give Wisely This Season

charity, charity_scam, donating, donations, BBB

The continuing battle over taxes and spending in Congress leaves many Americans wondering how much they’ll have to pay in taxes next April 15. But one thing is sure: You can only deduct charitable gifts made by the end of this year on your 2011 return.

Charities know that the holiday spirit of giving and year-end tax planning lead many Americans to make their donations in December. As a result, mailboxes often are stuffed with charitable solicitations as well as catalogs this time of year. We urge everyone to check out charities first at to see if the organization meets our 20 Standards of Charity Accountability

Click here for reviews on local, Wisconsin-based charities. Click here for reviews on national charities. 

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