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The Dinner Table

Andrei is a financial advisor and attorney who is a lifelong North Shore resident, is married and has two children. As a financial advisor he is in contact with many individuals and business owners every day and understands what a wonderful place this is to live. Andrei's children are very active in sports, Irish Dancing, Latvian Folk Dancing, school and other activities.

Kudos to Fox Point Public Works Dept.

Often we have quality and kindness in our midst and we don't stop to recognize it.  We are quick to contact a company about poor service and do not in turn compliment so that good service can be acknowledged.

My kids had a late start day today and so were playing outside with the neighbor.  Tuesday is our garbage pick-up and recycling day and the little vehicles were buzzing back and forth along our street.  One of the workers paused briefly to throw a football to my son, completing a "fly" pattern for a certain touchdown.  Such a small gesture that my son told me was "really fun" when he came inside.

This is not the first time that Fox Point Public Works employees have gone above and beyond their duties.  When my son was little he loved watching the big dump trucks, snowplows and cherry pickers.  To this day, one of the workers refers to my son by name and always waves or says hello.

They do not have to do this but they do it anyway.  Not only do the workers do a great job, but they do it in a friendly manner and with a smile as well.  Thank you and keep up the great work.

P.S.  I'd love to hear some other positive anecdotes as well so that good work can be appreciated. 

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