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The Dinner Table

Andrei is a financial advisor and attorney who is a lifelong North Shore resident, is married and has two children. As a financial advisor he is in contact with many individuals and business owners every day and understands what a wonderful place this is to live. Andrei's children are very active in sports, Irish Dancing, Latvian Folk Dancing, school and other activities.

Board Games

When is the last time you sat down as a family for a meal?  As one of our former Presidents stated:  "All great change in America begins at the dinner table".  If we are not even sitting down for a meal anymore how can we make any great change or even incremental progress?

I am guilty of this as well...too many quick meals before running the kids off to soccer, dance, baseball, a birthday party etc etc etc.  Too much time checking LinkedIn, playing Angry Birds or reading a blog instead of taking time to sit down for dinner or spend time with family.

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Spring Fever!

Looking outside at the blowing snow it looks like Old Man Winter is making sure we don't get too cocky about an easy Winter.  However, last night I got a huge taste of Spring Fever when I attended a manager's meeting for the Glendale Little League.  I could almost smell springtime as we discussed upcoming tryouts, practice schedules and various groundrules.

Last year I helped coach my son's Little League team for the first time and what a wonderful experience.  The most fulfulling part was watching the new players grow and develop throughout the year.  Seeing kid's faces beam with pride when they caught a ball or connected at the plate was worth all of the time and effort spent on the practice field.  Of course there were also disappointments but our players learned to handle them with class and good sportsmanship.

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Kudos to Fox Point Public Works Dept.

Often we have quality and kindness in our midst and we don't stop to recognize it.  We are quick to contact a company about poor service and do not in turn compliment so that good service can be acknowledged.

My kids had a late start day today and so were playing outside with the neighbor.  Tuesday is our garbage pick-up and recycling day and the little vehicles were buzzing back and forth along our street.  One of the workers paused briefly to throw a football to my son, completing a "fly" pattern for a certain touchdown.  Such a small gesture that my son told me was "really fun" when he came inside.

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