Suggestions for Trustees Michael Maher's and Dawn Anderson’s Re-election Campaigns

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Incumbent Village Board Trustees Michael Maher and Dawn Anderson are reportedly going to run for re-election.  At this point, it is uncertain if they will have any opposition to their re-election bid.  If they don’t, they will obviously not need to campaign.  But if they do have opposition, I have some suggestions for campaign literature.


Of course they can take credit for spending millions of dollars on new projects such as the Streetscaping and the Marketing of Shorewood.  And let’s not forget their largesse of Village money for the new Professional Sport Quality sports field at SHS (D2D)  --- possibly including a Second Dome by which to landmark that august institution.


In regards to the Streetscaping, they may not want to highlight that north Oakland was streetscaped barely 10 years ago --- and already determined to be obsolete.  And they would definitely not want to mention that the new aluminum light poles replacing the 10 year old cast iron poles have begun to fall apart before they have even been plugged in !!!


If the new athletic field does get a dome --- perhaps they can find room in it for some space for the Senior population --- who have been waiting for years for an enhancement to their diminished space in the library basement.


Most proudly, they can point to the tens of thousands of dollars (from general taxes) and hundreds of thousands from the BID taxes, to market Shorewood --- with a main emphasis on the “Walkability” and “Shopping Friendly” features the Village has to offer.


I am pretty sure they will NOT want to mention that they have put no money in the budget to actually clear snow and ice from our sidewalks, crosswalks and commercial parkways --- to actually make them Walkable ! 


Most probably, they will not want to feature in their campaign brochures, pictures of the mountains of snow and ice that act as fortress walls between where the shoppers park on the street and the shops they are trying to get to --- and pictures of the crosswalks that at best are covered with slush, ice and snow, making them close to impossible to negotiate – or at worst, the crosswalks that end abruptly at a wall of snow that would require a chair lift to get over.


Here are some of the pictures I would advise Anderson and Maher not to use in their re-election bids.



Wall of Snow & Ice on Parkway Oakland Ave



Smart Pedestrian Carries his Own Skis


 Cross Walk to Show Wall Atwater School


Inaccessible Bus Stop Capitol Drive

Shopper Friendly Snow Banks


Lake Bluff & Oakland where school kids

cross -- how would someone with a walker

or wheel chair cross this ?








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