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Green Bay Packers Poriyal- A colorful stir-fry for Thanksgiving!

Green Bay Packers are great this season. They have continued where they left off  last year. I love the Packers and I also love their green and gold colors- not only in their uniforms but also in preparing my foods. The colors make my vegetables appealing and come alive.

Let us see… how we can make  “green beans”  a star vegetable on our dinner table for the holidays.  We will enhance “green beans” with lentils (yellow in color), ginger and coconut. Does it sound good? I assure you, that this dish with its vibrant colors will be so appealing to the eye and the palate that even the kids would love it. 

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Kids who love animals will love...


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Shame on Scammers that Target Military Personnel

scams, scam, BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, veterans, military_personnel

by Susan Bach
Wisconsin Better Business Bureau

My father was a Navy veteran who landed on Normandy Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Even though he’s no longer with us, I don’t like to see or hear about a scammer taking advantage of any veteran or active duty military personnel.

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Easter Seals Employee Receives the 2011 Milwaukee County Caregiver of the Year Award

Easter Seals, Caregiver, Milwaukee

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in conjunction with the Milwaukee Area Developmental Disabilities Service Association (MADDSA) has recently announced the award winner for the Milwaukee County’s 2011 Caregiver of the Year. Susan Klawien, Easter Seals Activity Personal Care Coordinator, was recently awarded this prestigious award on behalf of her dedication as a caregiver over the last ten years.

Susan Klawien has a long-standing commitment to providing quality, innovative and dedicated care to persons with developmental disabilities. She has led new initiatives in a variety of programs in her 10 years of experience with Easter Seals. In addition to playing a major role in programming for the summer respite camps, she pioneered the inclusive program design for Easter Seals’ new Adult Day Program, located in the Callahan branch of the Kenosha YMCA. The result of her care and support has impacted the lives of countless individuals with disabilities and their families in the Milwaukee area.

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What fascinates me nonstop? The quirks and mysteries of everyday living. Sometimes the silly little things. Like now. I’m shopping at Whole Foods. It’s lunchtime. Hungry, I scoop some crystallized ginger into a bag, flame raisins into another, mixed nuts into another, so I can sit at the counter and write and nibble. The checker weighs my bulk purchases, first the ginger at $6.99 a pound comes to $1.05. Then the nuts at $6.99 a pound, they’re also $1.05! Then the raisins at $3.39 a pound, they’re $1.05!! How’d that happen? What are the odds? Am I just a consistent scooper?? I want to laugh out loud.

There are the not-so-silly things too. As I walk, bus, or bike I’m more aware of where I am than I would be if I whizzed through. I notice people caught in their heads in their personal vehicles, people almost not here. Many babble on cellphones or text as they cruise round the corner at Capitol and Oakland. Do they think about the fact that they’re riding deadly weapons that could erase any of us passersby at the slip of an eye? Yes, it’s what people are thinking that mystifies me.

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