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Can we wait for global warming to do the job?

Snow removal

Rain water is pretty much well-drained from the streets and public places of Shorewood, except for some basement backups which could also be corrected.

On the other hand, Shorewood Village Hall seems to be at a loss when natural moisture falls on the Village in the form of snow or when conditions turn that moisture into ice.

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The most of "unreality" is mine.

The clanish nature of politics

Physical scientist work to give logic to our hard physical world.

Yet this logic found in the most brilliant of minds stems from the organic, the softest form of reality.

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Not village and especially not clan.

Suburban villages

The clan is able to incorporate both its power of religion and government within its organic-self, functioning as one, an unitary organism.

Some tribes or clans, more often decedents of a common ancestry, sometimes separate their group religion from their war functions or common governance. In most cases the clan integrates these functions as one.

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A not fully visible movement.

Seniors and community

Most of my postings have been aimed at integrating older citizens of Shorewood into a community-like structure.

These long term analyses show that characteristic elements of community do exist in Shorewood but that they are not sufficiently energized or appropriately aligned and integrated to accommodate older adults into a supportive community.

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Local government.

Hi. This is your imaginary dog, Sport, reporting back.

Are you going to be surprised with what I've discovered!  Only a dog (and especially an imaginary dog) would have found the reality of what is going on at Village Hall.

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War only with overwhelming force.

Fighting Economic Depression.

If I'm to start my day by writing a short commentary, I must take that thought that is most prominent in mind and begin putting it down on paper, (put into text) that is, if I'm to complete it before breakfast, or sometimes before lunch.

From there, the thought carries itself on. I've read the book “The Art of War” based on the writings of an old Chinese general at about 500 B.C.

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Sign This. It Says I Taught Spelling Today

Teach as though you will be sued. If the school of education is looking for another course to run in fall, this might be just the ticket. Apparently, things must be going on out there that I’ve been lucky enough to know nothing about but get to have additional work loaded on as a result. Okay, I understand lawsuits. I get that there are times when infractions have been so egregious that it is the only defendable choice. The way things are moving in education, however, makes me think that it won’t be long before we all have to take out mal practice insurance…just in case. Much of our time taken away from actually teaching is done with the purpose of documentation, not for the purpose of opening some door to learning. The time we might normally use to develop curriculum, tailor it for the struggling and independent learners is often filled with giving individual tests to children so we can say we’ve put all the scores into the binder full of other test scores that goes with them through their school years. When you spend time with children, you learn an incredible amount about how they learn, what they know and how to find out most effectively what they know. You can see the struggle or the ease, process rather than product and can move forward in natural progression, rather than in lock step with time of year as a metronome.

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Building a community center

At one point the leaders of the City of Glendale decided that instead of a piece-by-piece renewal or up-grading of their previously out-moded shopping center that they'd start from scratch.

Looking at their property tax returns, we can say that it was an excellent financial decision.

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Our changing economy.

It now has become obvious to many of us that we have to do something about our economy to make it work.   It appears that a new view of the economy is developing.

So what is the economy as we see it in today's terms? The economy might now be defined as that element of the social structure that has to do with the production of usefully required products and services that will function in our sustenance as a nation.

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Greed and capitalism.

The past decade has shown how important greed has become in this country both in government, business and among some of our churches.

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Is the economy only a component of society?

"Free market?"

As the last of my three economic postings, I was going to write on what I describe as “justified earnings and justified profits,” fully realizing that I would also have to come up with a definition for what ”justification" is. 

How could I do this without creating a whole new religion, which I wouldn't be able to do on less than ten pages or at least with ten well-thought out points.

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A place to sit and listen?

Who I am.

Well, I've returned from my lecture tour and am again where I can sit in my “village square.”

My lecture tour is as much a figment of my imagination as is my village square. And it is in these few hours in early morning that I do not have to face the reality of life, when I can turn myself over to the imaginations of my mind.

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Raising a Bored Child

Over the break, I figured out something. Listening to an NPR report about some state’s powerhouse high school teacher, the interviewer suggested that many students drop out of school because they say they are bored. We all hear that at some point or another. We are boring children into underachieving. Okay, fair enough. Let’s say that’s so. Why are children bored? Think about the competition.

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6 Degrees Below Zero Tommorrow - Jan 15th - Plan to keep your kids home ???

Schools, Snow Hazards, Walkable, Walkable: Snow & Ice Covered Walks

 It will be 6 degrees below zero tomorrow morning, with a wind chill of 30 degress below zero .......

In my opinion that is Way Too Cold to risk kids walking to school --- we are talking weather that can easily kill or injure.

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Public Information Meeting in Subzero Weather --Capitol Dr Project -- Sincerity of Bureaucrats Seeking Public Opinion Questioned

Election, Streetscape, Village Administration, Village Board

There is  a Public Information Meeting on the Capitol Drive Roadway Reconstruction scheduled for tonight (1/15/09) at the Shorewood Public Library. 

Per the Village website:

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Dear Mr President --- ok the party is over, Get to Work !

Barack Obama

I was an early supporter of Barack Obama., and  I am delighted he is our New President.

I contributed to his campaign, I did time on the phone banks at the union hall, and we opened our house to his volunteers from other areas.

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Talk While You Drive So We Don't Have To Hear You

Phone booths are a thing of the past. Big mistake. I thought about this as I was waiting to board the plane after the premier, platinum, gold and first class passengers got to. Airports are always wait places and where there is wait, there are people talking loudly on a cell phone. Anybody remember back in the day when the rectangular prism privacy booths were everywhere? Need to talk? Stand in the box, and close the door please. Can we bring back the booth? Let’s start at an airport and work our way out from there.

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Arranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic --- or Creating New Parking Restrictions in Shorewood

Bureaucratic Lunacy, Parking, Village Administration, Village Board

Among business people, it is often said of an ineffective manager that he or she is "arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic", as they immerse themselves into minutiae that keeps them busy, but does nothing to keep the boat afloat !

So it seems to be with the Shorewood Village Board, as they continuously change the parking regulations ..... it gives them something to do, but has nothing to do with the Real Challenges facing Shorewood --- maybe you heard folks --- there is a recession (depression ?) .

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There is NO Milwaukee in Milwaukee Tools --- Now Made in China

Buy Local, Buy USA, Economy, Milwaukee Tool

 There was quite an interesting article in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Business Section on Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.  In addition to interviewing the current president, Steven P Richman, the article provided a brief history of Milwaukee, and its current operations.

 I confess that I have bought Milwaukee Tools in the past, as I was under the mistaken impression that I was supporting a local business ----- I was Wrong !

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Right Here in Our Own Back Yard

If we had a dog park here in Shorewood the benefits would be more than just happy dogs. I jotted down a quick list so I hope at least a few of them will help the pro-park momentum that’s said to be building. Everyone who has to lug their dog out of Shorewood to get some off-leash exercise will surely be appreciative and throw in some dough to buy poop bags and waste cans, I’m sure. Many parks charge a fee to cover costs. Right now, I’m one of those who corral my dogs into the back of a sub-compact every day and chauffer them to another village, a village that also gets my gas and grocery money while I‘m at it.

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