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A knowledgeable and experienced arborist knows that all tree pruning is not equal.  The arborist assesses each tree individually and then decides what type of pruning the tree is in need of.  Crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, crown restoration, deadwood pruning and training pruning are nationally accepted standards of tree pruning developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  The standards are extensive and involved.  They are there to protect the consumer.  At Wachtel Tree Science our knowledgeable and experienced Certified Arborists will help you benefit from these standards and assist you in determining what type of pruning your trees will need.

The different types of tree pruning are:

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What’s Your Rate of Return?

There is a way to increase your rate of return in today’s economy! Invest in your trees to guarantee a strong rate of return on your tree capital investment and enhance property value.

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bikes, incident, quirks

I left Genevieve’s on Sunday at 9 PM, backpack in one hand, bag with empty Pyrex dish in other, swore at Shorewood’s sparse yellow streetlights as I walked to my bike, plunked plastic bag with Pyrex into bike basket, hefted backpack onto back, turned on blinking head and tail lights, dug into upper left-hand pants pocket for my key chain, it wasn’t there. Dug into all six pockets. Not there. Felt from the outside, dug into the insides, still no keys. Looked on ground. Couldn’t really see. Must have fallen out of pocket somewhere. Returned to house, feeling foolish.

Genevieve and I went on a key search. Checked everywhere I’d sat or walked the past five hours, dining room, living room, bathroom, no keys. Outside with flashlight, peered into plastic bag with Pyrex, searched on ground. In the dim light every dead leaf resembled the Pick ‘n Save card on my key chain.

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Record-setting Trees

  • One of the tallest soft wood trees is the General Sherman, a giant redwood sequoia of California. General Sherman is about 275 ft or 84 m high with a girth of 25 ft or 8 m.
  • The 236 ft or 72 m high Ada Tree of Australia has a 50 ft or 15.4 m girth and a root system that takes up more than an acre.
  • The world's tallest tree is a coast redwood in California, measuring more than 360 ft or 110 m.
  • The world's oldest trees are 4,600 year old Bristlecone pines in the USA.

Trees and the Environment

  • Trees renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
  • The amount of oxygen produced by an acre of trees per year equals the amount consumed by 18 people annually. One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year.
  • One acre of trees removes up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year.
  • Shade trees can make buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer.
  • Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.
  • Tree roots stabilize soil and prevent erosion.
  • Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water, as well as protecting aquifers and watersheds.
  • The cottonwood tree seed is the seed that stays in flight the longest. The tiny seed is surrounded by ultra-light, white fluff hairs that can carry it on the air for several days.

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