Is the Media Slanting its Reporting to Keep Clinton and Obama Election Race in the News ?

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In the months and weeks preceding the Pennsylvania Primary, Hillary Clinton consistently showed a huge lead in polling data, predicting that Clinton would win the Keystone State with a healthy double digit lead.

With some early polls showing Clinton with a 20 plus point lead, closing in on the race, a March 10 poll showed her with a lead of 19 points, and a March 20 poll showed her with 16 points.

Before the Pennsylvania election, the CW (common wisdom) said that a “double digit” Clinton win would keep her in the race, while anything less would show a big slip in favor of Obama --- and perhaps time to Concede the Race !!

Now that the race is over, the Media is reporting that Clinton got her “double digit” win of 10% which is NOT true --- the actual results were Clinton with only a 9.6% win, which is of course Less than Double Digit.

The question I have is why the Media is putting a positive spin on Clinton’s results, when in fact she lost over 10% of her lead, and won with Less than Double Digits over Obama.
Shouldn’t the correct spin be that Obama, despite all the last minute controversies just before the Pennsylvania vote, still managed to cut Clinton’s lead in more than half !

A Cynical answer to this question could be that the Media is making too much money off this horserace to see it end too soon !!!

As long as it appears that Clinton still has a chance, the Media gets to run up its numbers on its News and Commentary shows, and gets to Sell a Lot More Advertising Time in the upcoming races.

It would be Financially Detrimental to the News Media to end the race now. There is a lot more money to be made, by spinning the results to make it seem like Clinton still has a chance.

Even O’Reilly’s so called “No Spin Zone” has joined in this distortion of the Election Analysis. I guess Bill likes the ratings his show gets from the continued controversy !

(please note --- although I try to limit my blogs on this site to Shorewood related matters -- this is one of those exceptions, that confirms the rule)

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