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Percentage of Non-Voters in Primary - 75% - Is That an Indication of Lack of Concern or Knowledge

22nd District Assembly Primary, Andy Feldman, Dan Kohl, Guy Johnson, Presidential Primary, Sandy Pasch, Wisconsin Primary

For the upcoming Presidential Election, voting officials are working hard, as they know the Voter Turnout will be Huge !!

Too bad Voters in Shorewood weren't very interested in the Primary Election this past Tuesday. 

The Winner of that Election will almost assuredly represent the 22nd District in the State Assembly, of which Shorewood is a part of.

75% of Shorewood Voters were not interested enough in that Race to even bother to Vote.

Maybe those Voters who didn't Vote do not realize that the State Legislature in Wisconsin Governs EVERY aspect of:

1) Local Government  2) Schools  3) Revenue distribution  4) Teacher salaries  5) Revenue sharing  6) Property taxes  7) Sales taxes  8) etc, etc, etc .........

 In Wisconsin, all governmental bodies, other than the Executive and Judicial Branches, are extensions of the State Legislature.  There is No Home Rule in Wisconsin, such as in Illinois, where for instance Chicago has a great deal of self determination.

As someone truly wise once said --- a Democracy  is a Form of Government in Which the Citizenry Knows What it Wants and Gets It .......... Hard and Fast !!!

I guess in Shorewood --- 75% of the Citizenry Couldn't Even Decide What They Wanted !!!



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