Would You Like Some Fries With Your Crow?

When people are part of a losing team they get reflective and philosophical. What else can we do when Eli Manning turns out to be the winning quarterback? Although our first impulse may be to retire Brett or get some lavender oil for Al Harris, the fact is we lost. We lost and our children are watching.

Now is the time to talk up Brett for his passion and love of the game. He shows what dedication is and that no matter the age, one can lead a contributory life. After all, people, the Packers were 14 and 4 when all was said and done!

Now is the time to credit the winners for being lucky and tipping your hat to people who handled the 3rd down as though it was the one before the 4th.

Now is the time to teach your children about dressing for the weather. The no sleeve decision didn’t work out so well, did it?

Now is the time to acknowledge the kicker, Tynes, who tried to give us the game with his two screw ups. We thank him for the attempt, but maybe next time.

Now is the time to talk to your kids about the detrimental effects of taunting, teasing and acting like a complete jerk, the way Plaxico Burress did. Oh wait…he had a great day.

Now is the time to tell your kids not to show up at an Ice Bowl in yellow bikinis the way the Bikini girls did, although they were on national television and probably didn‘t pay for beer all night.

Now is the time to show what unconditional love of your team is, even though you lost a bet for $200.00 to the big mouth friend of yours from the big, stupid apple.

Now is the time to teach your kids the power of something to look forward to.

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