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The truth shall set ye free.

Community development. Commercial development. Improve tax base. Local social objectives.

Facts or illusion.


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Rising urban land values and the survival of small businesses in cities.

Rising land costs. Urban development projects. Small business in urban areas.



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Freedom and the inspiration toward eqaulity.

Freedom and equality. What does equality mean? Is eqaulity an unattainable inspiration?

Does freedom contain the meaning of equality. 


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Thanks to John Carlton, Nancy Bornstein, Michael Mishlove and the Shorewood School Board.

Community redevelopment. Developing increased school enrollment. Policy based on facts.



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Public schools and the older adult. (State representative, please read).

Seniors as enrollees in the public school system. State aid for seniors in school.


Creative writing, art, recreation and the older adult in the public school system.

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Annual SEED Event is worth it

SEED, Harley Davidson, Shorewood

Come and have FUN at the casual Swing with Shorewood party and dinner to support Shorewood Schools. Get your motors runnin' - it's at the Harley- Davidson Museum!! 400 W. Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI!

Download the RSVP below, and mail it soon. MC/VISA accepted!

Tasty Vegetarian Dinner is an Option!

Each paid guest will also receive one ticket to the Harley-Davidson Museum to use at any time.

The lucky raffle winner will receive a Schwinn motor scooter!

Feel free to come as a group, or solo, you will have fun!

Auction booklet preview will be available online at

For more information, please contact Anne Clough at 414-964-6533 or

We are putting together a list of babysitters for this evening - please email or call if you need help finding coverage to come to the event!

Dinner and Silent Auction, 6pm-
Music, Cash Bar, Free Parking
Music by SHS musicians and 2006 SHS Graduate Kevin Paris and his band

Cost per Person: $80 ($40 is tax-deductible).
To purchase tickets print the form, below, and send it in. MC/VISA accepted!

By the people.

Government. Representative government. Government by the people.


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The effects of rising land costs .

High land values. The economics of redevelopment. Small communities and redevelopment.

The problem of rising commercial land costs. (An economic report).


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Not even our dreams are perfect.

Government. Dreams of freedom and equality Minimal government. Of the people.


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health, bottom line

When I was diagnosed with osteopenia a few years ago, I said to my doctor, "What is THAT?' and she told me my bones were getting thinner, but I didn't yet have osteoporosis.

This seemed strange. With all those years of biking and swimming and more recently taking walks as exercise, how could I be verging towards osteoporosis? My mother had never broken a bone, and my only fractured bones were in my foot when it was crushed between my bicycle wheel and cement. I suddenly felt very fragile, was nervous about biking and all the other activities that might be bone-breakers.

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Community building as a community venture.

Land values. Significance of community land values.



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Building a commercial center in Shorewood.

Town planning. Social/commercial centers. Importance of community building to economics of the community.

Community building is essential to building commercial centers.


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Bi-partisanism. Health care. Majority rule. Healh insurance corporations.



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Shorewood BID Stages New Season of Learn Over Lunch Programs

Feed Your Mind and Body at Annual Luncheon Series

Join the Shorewood Business Improvement District for its annual Learn Over Lunch programs tailored to meet a busy workday. Enjoy a delicious meal, network with other business owners, community group representatives and Village staff and learn new strategies to be more successful in 2010. RSVPs are required and prepayment is appreciated. All lunch presentations are $20 per person.

Learn Over Lunch programs will take place in March, April and May. While all lunches take place from 11:30-1 p.m., please check each listing for varying days and dates.

Wednesday, March 31 • 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. • “Shorewood State of the Union”
Hubbard Park Lodge, 3565 N. Morris Blvd.

Special guests Chris Swartz-Village Manager and Pete Petrie-Community Development Authority (CDA) Chair, will talk about about dynamic Shorewood development projects planned and underway.  Learn more about the Capitol Dr. reconstruction as well as plans for more vibrant retail, dining and business possibilities. Enjoy a delicious lunch buffet at the Lodge.

Friday, April 23 • 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. • “The Secrets of Social Media”
Village Community Room (lower level of Shorewood Library)

Learn the ins and outs of social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter and how to generate your own blogs from industry expert Starkmedia. Did you know that an average user spends more than 55 minutes on Facebook per day? Learn more at this interactive lunch presentation and make the social media  phenomenon work for YOUR business! An Italian buffet lunch will be served.   

Wednesday, May 12 •  11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. • “Ask the Attorneys”
North Star American Bistro, 4515 N. Oakland Ave.

Representatives from McDermott, Foley, Johnson & Wilson LLP will answer frequently asked legal questions that affect your business. “Five Pitfalls To Avoid in Starting/Running Your Business” will educate business owners about maintaining necessary documents, having sufficient trademark protection, having proper employment or noncompete/nondisclosure agreements and much more. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Shorewood’s award-winning North Star American Bistro restaurant.

E-mail to request an event brochure or to register.


art, events, exhibits, drawings

Adolph loves to turn the life around him into more permanent forms. In New York City he watched pedestrians on rainy city streets, eaters at Horn and Hardart’s Automat, the chaos of Herald Square, and created works of art.

In Milwaukee since 1966, he’s continued to document daily life, at the Oriental Pharmacy Lunch Counter
and Benjy’s Kosher Deli, in movie houses, in back yards. He’s sculpted family, friends, students, strangers, dogs, ducks, cows, whoever inspires him.

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Open Book closing in Shorewood

Open Book

Open Book, the bookstore co-op that opened in Shorewood last fall, will close by April 30, the store's directors said Friday.

The shop opened in November in the N. Oakland Ave. space previously occupied by the Harry W. Schwartz Bookstore. The organizers raised money from local residents and also secured a low-interest $35,000 loan from the village. 

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Open Book to Close: Nonprofit Governance Would have Helped

I am sad that Open Book is closing, because it is one of the great walking destinations with kids that our much-touted Walking Community can sport.

However, I am not surprised - as many know, I was leery from the start. I have a newly minted M.S. in Nonprofit Management and I feel like the ambassador for nonprofits right now. Open Book was not a nonprofit entity, so please don't let this experience sully your feelings about "NONprofits."  Nonprofit organizations need to serve a mission, do not pocket profits from membership "donations" and provide a tax deductible option for those donations.  They have boards that are responsible for the entity.  I strongly feel that if Open Book had engaged a true nonprofit board, which would have empowered the strong volunteer and make-it-work mentality of the community, Open Book would be going strong.

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New National Pastime - Creating Foundations to Fund Public Schools

Talked to my dad today - their superintendent in Tucson is moving to Denver to be the superintendent there - apparently the state shortfall is only $1,000,000 instead of $1,000,000,000.  Kind of puts Shorewood's woes in perspective - money is crazy short all over, and based on the state funding formula and politics, can be worse in certain areas.

What do we do? In communities that can look to residents for more support, there is the referendum vehicle. There are private donations that will slowly move towards donations for students instead of graduates, which will thwart more donations for graduates to use towards college.

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New redevelopment approaches?

Redevelopment. Sustained redevelopment. New perspectives.

New and old concepts. 


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What's in the land values?

Public ownership of redevelopment land. Land leasing. Community building efforts.

Redevelopment and land values.


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