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Early Fall Colors

Everyone longs to see the wonderfully vibrant colors of autumn appear and turn an otherwise unremarkable landscape into something really special. While we are enjoying them, there are a few things to consider to help evaluate the health of our trees.

Almost always, when these colors appear earlier than other trees of the same species, it means trouble. It can mean that the root system has root rot, girdling roots or other issues. The trunk can have cankers, girdling wire, borers, sapsucker or animal damage, or anything that restricts sap flow up or down the trunk. It can mean that health has deteriorated badly, drought stress is catching up with it, or that physical trauma to roots or trunk is significant.

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Magical Experience In A Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market is my playground during summer and fall weekends. I love the vibrant fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers that farmers so enthusiastically bring to us in their trucks for bargain prices. I feel so happy to talk to the farmers and enjoy buying farm fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers. To me, farmers look like so divine when they bring the nutrient-rich, fresh produce harvested from their farms.

I was invited to do cooking presentations in two open air farmer's markets in Milwaukee this summer and fall. In both places, it was a beautiful sight to see people so relaxed, talking to each other and asking farmers, what is this, what is that, and how do you cook this vegetable and so on.

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Things to Think About Now

The growing season is winding down and another summer has passed. Our trees and landscape plants are going dormant – dormant but very much alive. Fall is the time to think about protecting your plants for the winter and preparing for next year.

·         Protect young trees and shrubs from deer feeding and antler rubbing. Install wire mesh fencing supported by stakes to create a physical barrier. The fence needs to be 4’ tall at a minimum.

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Welcome to the North Shore Library Blog

North Shore Library, Chad Lewis, Haunted, Wisconsin

Welcome to the North Shore Library Blog. This blog will keep you up to date on the lastest events and programs here at the library. Be sure to check back often for the latest news from your libary.


Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin

With Author and Paranormal Investigator Chad Lewis

As heard on Coast to Coast A.M.


North Shore Library

Saturday October 20, 2012 1 p.m.


Free and Open to the Public - All Ages Welcome!!!


Chad Lewis takes the audience on a ghostly journey to some of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. It

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How Often Should a Tree be Pruned?

Pruning is one of the most important ways to care for your tree(s). Regular pruning provides ongoing maintenance and routine care. The art and science of pruning is to determine how much to remove, where to remove it, and how often to do it.

                Regular pruning helps:

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Drought Damage – What is it? Do My Trees Have it? and What Does it Mean for Them?

These are the questions on everyone’s mind following the deepest drought on record for southeastern Wisconsin. It is easy to see the problems for annuals, perennials, and turf, but how about the trees? Many look “ok” now – are they?

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Dear Staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Allow me please to describe our recent experience with the staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Compassionate, understanding, warm, sincere, friendly genuinely are interested in the health and love of trees, truly listen to the customers words, concerns, not just hear but truly listen with their hearts, courteous respectful of property, knowledgeable and share that knowledge with their customers, offer realistic hope, options to save our tree, care for our tree and maintain a healthy tree,

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