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Consulants. The value of consulants.


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More than a lakefront park. My New Year's wish for Shorewood.

Great Parks and Waterfronts.



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Social pleasure in human frality.

Social crticisms. Human fralities.



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Standing to lose all that we are.

Civilization in danger.



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ATWATER BEACH. Make no little plans.

Lakefront park.



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Please, no more sausage-making.

The ways of congress.



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So I'm Connecting the Dots and Chillaxin'

I love words. I love saying them, writing them, thinking them, erasing them. I just love words. I don't like them as much when they are attached to other words. It's kind of like your beautiful little boy child who is now a teenager and running around with the wrong crowd. He's contaminated--just like my beautiful singular words. Some students in Superior wrote a list of words that they feel should not even be uttered anymore; they've been used so much. They are the greyhound racing dogs that once at the top of their games are now relegated to living with families in Cudahy and West Allis. Those entries included czars, unfriended, tweets, shovel ready, stimulus, bromance and one I hadn't heard before... chillaxin. Yup, chill+relaxing. Here are some donations I'd like to drop off.

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ATWATER PARK -- Inspiration is basic to its planning and design.

Lakefront design. Community park plan.



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I always get a kick out of the buzz at the Fitness Center right after January 1st. Many more feet on treadmills, many more arms lifting weights than in December. People work out with their resolutions fresh in their minds. Fresh faces, fresh resolutions, and by February most of them have faded.

I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution. It feels like procrastinating. Once I know I have to change my exercise routine, or change my diet, I do it. I see no point in putting it off till a new year comes around. I recognize that when the number of the year changes, people reevaluate their lives. I’d prefer to reevaluate on an ongoing basis and make changes whenever I realize they’re needed. If I can manage it. If, if, if!

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War. What kind of war?



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How about this for a good weather report for Shorewood?

Predicting winter weather.


We are told by people referred to as weathermen, who seem to be holding back on some good jokes and by those smiling weatherwomen, who seem to already have heard the jokes, all of these people engaged in predicting the future, as if all of it is a great joke, that we are living, beginning this week, in the six weeks of the year's coldest weather in the Milwaukee area.

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art, exhibits, winter

We may slosh through snow, and grouse
Avoid the blowing wind, by staying in the house
Wish we were down south, to skip winter time
in a climate, where each primate, is an artist of some kind
a scribbler or a fiddler, or a closet singer
a dancer or an actor, or a comic with a zinger
especially when we’re touched by, the Arctic’s icy finger...
So whither shall we flee?
From gallery to gallery
on the 15th of January
I think I’ve got it right, Friday the 15th is Gallery Night!

Again! I’ll sit at a table with our show, Adolph likes the couch in front of his balcony, Eli will be somewhere near his exhibit at the back of Artasia, and Joe Boblick, our guest artist, will host his reception in the revolving gallery.

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The economy -- the double dip -- what to do?



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Using our community infrastructure as collateral.

Financing community infrastructure.



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News in perspective.

News or not news.

News highlights and commentary in perspective from a guy in Shorewood -- January 12, Two Thousand Ten.


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Notes to Adam Smith



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Haiti. The poor of the world. Buiding economies perhaps better than nation-buidling?



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Then meanwhile, why?

Knowledge. Is there explanation of existence? Need there be?



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Community development. Mission statements. Responsibility to the community.



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New Era Begins for Hubbard Park Lodge

Hubbard Park Lodge, Shorewood’s much-loved treasure and historic landmark, has a new proprietor. Milwaukee restaurateur Russ Davis has signed a 10-year lease with the Village to operate the Lodge and the nearby Shorewood River Club. Davis brings extensive expertise to the venture with his experience as owner of the Vecchio Entertainment Group, which includes Lakefront Palm Garden (inside the Lakefront Brewery on Commerce St.), Rio West Cantina (on Humboldt Ave. in the Riverwest neighborhood), and The Red Accordion (in downtown Milwaukee).

Davis, a Shorewood resident, has some exciting plans for the Lodge. He says his goal is to attract families on a more regular basis. On his agenda is a Sunday morning family-friendly, lumberjack breakfast with pancakes and an omelet bar. Friday nights will bring the fun, quality and affordability of Captain Rusty’s popular fish fries along with The Brewhaus Polka Kings, already famous at the Lakefront Palm Garden.

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