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"King Solomon" Concert at Brown Deer Park

Milwaukee County Parks will open its summer concert season with a free concert featuring King Solomon on Friday, June 4 from 7pm-9pm.  A traditional Milwaukee Fish Fry will be served with either baked or fried cod that evening at the Brown Deer park golf clubhouse as well from 4pm-8pm.

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Corporation Capitalism. The economic system.


As I see it from village square.

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Energy Drinks and Caffeine

Healthy Lifestyles

Ahhh, we’re finally getting some sunny days, warm weather, and increased outdoor activity!  That’s bound to make us more thirsty and tired than usual.  But please stop and think before you or your children reach for that energy drink!  Although it may be hard to resist the marketing blitz for energy drinks, there are some things you should know about them before you drink.


  • Energy drinks are a HUGE business.  More than 500 new energy drinks have been launched this year and it is a 3.4 billion dollar a year industry and growing.
  • 31% of 12-17 year olds are regular consumers of energy drinks.
  • Energy drinks are not currently regulated by the FDA.
  • The amount of caffeine in energy drinks is often not listed on the label and varies widely.  Some have the equivalent caffeine of 14 cans of Coca-Cola.
  • There are risks associated with too much caffeine and tolerance develops quickly.
  • Caffeine addiction of youth is considered a “gateway” addiction that can lead to search for other drugs that give a good “buzz”.
  • Energy drinks are loaded with sugar and may also have other additives that are not always listed.
  • It is advised that pregnant women, the elderly, and those under age 18 not consume energy drinks. 
  • Energy drinks combined with alcohol enhance “drunkenness” and can be dangerous.  Some pre-combined beverages are gradually being discontinued.

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ATWATER PARK -- Why a fence? Why its removal?

Bench access. Private property rights.



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Shorewood Business District Launches "Best Seats in the House"

Grab a seat. . .you have 41 to choose from in Shorewood’s newest public art project, “Best Seats in the House.” This exciting event, following in the footsteps of last year’s successful “Butterflies in Flight,” will engage the entire community this summer. Beautifully decorated cedar benches, featuring the talents of local artists, will be on display throughout the Shorewood Business District along Oakland Ave. and Capitol Dr., and other landmark Shorewood locations including the library, Village Hall, Shorewood Police Department, Shorewood Fitness Center and Shorewood Post Office. Meet and greet the artists from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, June 5 at designated bench locations, when they will talk about their work and answer questions.

According to Barb Caprile, marketing director for the Shorewood Business Improvement District which is producing the event, “Public art projects enrich communities culturally and create a synergy among residents, community groups, businesses and artists. Shorewood’s 2010 project will showcase Shorewood’s shops, restaurants and beautiful business district and Village by attracting new visitors/customers to the area throughout the summer months.”

Many of the artists featured in this year’s event live in Shorewood,
including Melinda Fishman, Donna Burdge, Don Berg, Amy Thomas, Leann Wooten, Dave and Mary Jo Thome, Jenny Steinman Heyden, Bruce Seeds, Cindy Shuelke and numerous students from both Atwater School and the Shorewood Intermediate School. The benches have been creatively decorated using paint, mosaic, ironwork and mixed media. Brochures listing each bench location and artist are available at each sponsoring business and Village Hall, or by visiting 
The Shorewood Foundation is the major underwriting sponsor of “Best Seats in the House.”
The event will be on display from June 5-August 15 and a public auction will be held on Sunday, August 29 when the benches will be sold to benefit the Shorewood Foundation. Please call 414.962.7002 or e-mail for more information.

Help Henry Find a Loving Home

Meet Henry. He's a 10-year-old senior Beagle who enjoys a daily stroll and fine dining.  This sweet dog does best with older kids and he'd excel with a companion who would enjoy teaching him new cues and tricks.  He deserves to be the center of your attention and would prefer to be the only canine in your heart and home!  Henry was surrendered to us because he "wasn't a good hunting dog," but we can attest to the fact that he is a world-class, champion snuggler. 

Learn more about Henry or meet him at the Wisconsin Humane Society, 45th & Wisconsin Avenue. Would he be a good match for you? 


bottom line, environment, corporations

When I was in high school we learned that people form corporations in order to avoid personal responsibility. So if corporations are people, as the supreme court has discovered, then people must be corporations, and have no personal responsibility!

And here I've thought, all these years, that democracy is about responsibility, about citizens taking responsibility for the well-being of their country. And that judges, too, have some sort of responsibility for the fairness of their rulings. Perhaps I was wrong!!!

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Progressive Dinner Party Planning

Summer Entertaining, Progressive Dinner Party

Our neighborhhod progressive dinner is Saturday night. Weather forecast calls for scattered showers so hoping we stay dry. We have about 28 people coming for the evening - if the Whitefish Bay Girls Soccer team is playing Saturday night we will lose a few guests during game time. Go Blue Duke Girls!  The plans are coming together for a fun party!

I like to coordinate the party decorations with the invitation so have been on the hunt for lanterns. I will decorate the patio with tiki torches and candles too. We are hosting the appetizer portion so will coordinate napkins/plates too. The signature cocktail will be a margarita. We can make pitchers of the mixture before the party. The menu has been divided and each couple will bring a food item and a bottle of wine/beer.  Here is how I divided the menu:

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You are Invited to the Shorewood Alumni & Community Reunion! July 9&10

Shorewood Alumni Association, Shorewood High School Alumni Association, SHS, All Class Reunion & Community Picnic, Shorewood High School, Shorewood

Shorewood is host to a wonderful upcoming event over two days, July 9 & 10, and you're invited! Yes, this is an All Class Reunion, bringing back anyone and everyone who ever attended Shorewood High School. But it is also open to all community, and you are cordially invited. Mark your calendar and make your way to the High School for some world-class alumni entertainment on July 9 and 10th! Some events require registration, so check it out online or on the registration form, below!

SAVE THE DATE:  SHS All Class Reunion & Community Weekend Registration Form! 7/9 and 7/10!

Greetings, Shorewood Community!

Please forward the content of this message to any and all - especially Shorewood community past and present, alumni, alumni family, and students!  Be a part of history in the making! We are especially trying to reach and invite all current and retired faculty and staff of Shorewood Schools. Please spread the word!

Short Description:
Shorewood High School's All-Class Reunion and Community Weekend: July 9th and 10th.  Friday, July 9th, support the schools, rock the house with a benefit concert starring Shorewood's own Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), David Zucker, Jon Paris, Freddy Bliffert, Larry Theiss, Pete Leshin and Bob Schlaeger.  Tickets available now! Then, on Saturday the 10th, at 9am the Schoolhouse Walk begins from the SHS Front Lawn.  Registration opens at 8am for anyone not already registered.  Every walker gets a free t-shirt!  From 12-6 there is a picnic (free of charge) on the grounds with many events and live music planned. 3pm Track races and relays, Tours of the high school, and at 4:30 an Ice Cream Social. Food and beverages available for sale.  At 7pm David Zucker will show his movie Airplane! in the Auditorium, for a $5 donation.

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Catch All The Action at Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic!

THURSDAY, JUNE 17 • 5-8:30 P.M.

Get ready for world-class cycling through the Shorewood Business District along North Oakland Ave. and adjacent residential streets.

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Commercial Redevelopment. Suburban redevelopment approches. Science of redevelopment.



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Progressive Dinner was a great party!

Summer Entertaining, Progressive Dinner Party

The progressive dinner last Saturday night was a lot of fun and I highly recommend this party to all blocks within Whitefish Bay. An advantage of so many houses in one block - instant large party.

So our party had about 24 and some came for appetizers or just dessert which was great. The weather was ok. No rain but chilly. Appetizers at my house. The amount of alcohol was good but would add more beer next time. I served vodka & lemonade too.  We changed the dinner format from my last post - everyone dined together in one backyard. That was my favorite part. It was great to stay together and easier to keep food all in one spot. The food was great and we had just the right amount. No leftovers at all. Margaret Marshall tried a citrus tarragon marinade for the kabobs and it was awesome! She also included small red potatoes on the kabobs and they were really good. Nice way to add starch to the meal. The parmesan rice was well liked (recipe in last post) and easy to bake and serve. On to the Strye's for dessert and cocktails - a great end to a fun evening.

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Wisconsin Judges are suppose to be Non-Partisan --- but Are They --- and Where do They get the Money for Their Campaigns?

Wisconsin Judges, Non Partisan, Outside Contributions, Edorse Candidates, Raise Money Judicial Races, Political Party Affiliation of Judges

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge John Siefert doesn’t think Judges should be Non-Partisan, and he wants Judges to Come Out of the Closet in Regards to Their Politics.

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Shorewood Welcomes Summer With Free Community Concert Series

Concerts to be held on three Thursday evenings at Hubbard Park: July 1, July 22, August 12

Enjoy a delightful summer evening under the stars in Shorewood’s handsome Hubbard Park along the Milwaukee River, as you listen to the cool sounds of some of the hottest musical groups in town! The Village of Shorewood is pleased to host a series of free outdoor concerts for its residents and guests - with a special invitation to Shorewood's newest residents! Bring a lawn chair or blanket and make a night of it on three Thursday evenings: July 1, July 22 and August 12. Picnic food and assorted beverages, including beer and wine, will be for sale from Hubbard Park Lodge (please, no carry-in alcohol; make your purchase in the park). Concerts will be held rain or shine (rain location inside Hubbard Park Lodge).

This new concert series is presented by North Shore Bank, the Shorewood Foundation and the Village of Shorewood Marketing Program. Other event sponsors include the Shorewood Men’s Club, Chiropractic Company, Culver’s of Shorewood, Edward Jones/Mike O’Brien, Hubbard Park Lodge and Shorewood Family Chiropractic. Make a night of it and bring the whole family! Hubbard Park opens at 5 p.m. and each concert starts at 6:30 p.m. Register to win VIP concert tickets, compliments of North Shore Bank. Visit either of North Shore Bank’s Shorewood locations (3970 N. Oakland Ave. or 4414 N. Oakland Ave.) to enter to win.

Enjoy this all-star musical line up:
July 1: Darele Bisquerra & Trio de Janeiro

Trio de Janeiro strolls the threshold between sand and sea. Be it BossaNova, Vintage Latin, CafeJazz, IslandSol or a splash of Swing, the music exudes a soothing energy. Explore the shore with Trio de Janeiro!

July 22: Streetlife with Warren Wiegratz
A unique blend of R&B, Smooth Jazz and contemporary styles, combining superb musicianship with an exciting stage presence. Recognized countless times with industry music awards, Streetlife is the house band for the Milwaukee Bucks!

August 12: MRS. FUN

Complex and sophisticated, MRS. FUN is a jazz/funk duo composed of keyboard player Connie Grauer and drummer Kim Zick. They have played with Robin Pluer, the Indigo Girls, k.d. lang and many more! Enjoy their electric mix of keyboards and drums in a non-stop action show! 

Hubbard Park, one of Shorewood’s – and Milwaukee’s – best-kept secrets, is located at 3565 N. Morris Blvd. (4 blocks south of Capitol Dr.). To avoid the Capitol Dr. construction, enter Hubbard Park from Menlo, Newton or Beverly off of Oakland Ave. Go west to Morris and then south to the Park entrance. The park is handicapped-accessible at the lower level turnaround.

For more information, call the Village Hall Customer Service Desk at 414.847.2700 or visit


Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease

Communicable Disease, Healthy Lifestyles

In case you missed it. . . . . there was an article in the newspaper on June 15 about deer ticks being discovered at Doctor’s Park in Bayside.  A UW-Madison research team stated there was evidence of an established, breeding population of deer ticks in the area.  It had been thought that deer ticks were usually found in northern Wisconsin and residents in the southern part of the state did not need to worry unless they were traveling north.  This is definitely not the case.


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SEWER FEE TO DOUBLE IN SHOREWOOD BY 2011. Is this the achnowledgment of the 800 pound gorilla?

Sewer systems. Innovation is need in replacing old sewers. High technolgy sewers.

 800 pound gorilla in the room.   

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Refreshing Buttermilk Drink

 I made a buttermilk drink for our friends who visited us at our home the other day. They loved the light refreshing drink and asked me how to make it. In India, it is common to serve buttermilk drink with ice cubes during hot summer days.  Buttermilk drink can be prepared as a sweet drink called, “sweet lassi” or can be seasoned lightly without sugar and can be served as a refreshing buttermilk drink. Try this refreshing, cool drink during hot summer days!

Buttermilk is simple, wholesome, versatile and loaded with health benefits. Yogurt and buttermilk have long been a staple food of India. Buttermilk is made from plain yogurt. Buttermilk is rich in protein, potassium and calcium.

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July 4th in the Bay is the Best!

July 4th Party Entertaining, July 4th in Whitefish Bay, WI

July 4th Party Invitation from Paper Celebration

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corporations, environment, health, cancer

I thought you might like to have a direct link to the May, 2010, report issued by the President's Cancer Panel. It's on the National Institute of Health's web site, and experts expected it to make a big impact. But it hasn’t received the kind of publicity it deserved.

Here are excerpts from the letter to President Obama that accompanied the report:

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Crying in His Custard

Biden, smartass, custard, Kopp;s, Gillies, Leon's, Borkin, Republican, Democrat

Breaking News --- Joe Biden often says things off the cuff ---- Surprise, Surprise!!

Biden’s latest faux pas was when he and Senator Feingold made a PR/Photo-op visit at Kopp’s Custard stand in Glendale.

According to  Amy Hetzner, in her Journal Sentinel article:

When Biden asked how much he owed for the custard, manager Scott Borkin  said to Biden “Don't worry, it's on the house, lower our taxes and we'll call it even."

Nothing too offensive, but not a great show of hospitality to someone famous who comes to your shop and gives you a ton of free publicity.

Later Biden retorted to Borkin "Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time."

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