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Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a lethal fungal disease that plugs the water conducting system in an oak tree. It can occur in all species of oak, but will very quickly kill red oaks.

Prompt diagnosis is crucial. The primary symptom is wilting of the leaves and early defoliation. In the red oak group wilting generally progresses from the top of the canopy downward. In white & bur oaks, wilting may occur on branches scattered throughout the tree. These symptoms may also be cause by anthracnose, bur oak blight or two-lined chestnut borer. Laboratory testing may be needed to confirm oak wilt.

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A Public Thank You to the Kass Family

July 5, 2012

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Are You Among the Thousands Who Could Lose Internet Access Next Week?

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users may lose their online access on July 9, 2012, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging all consumers and businesses to run a quick and easy diagnostic test to see if their computers are infected. The FBI’s DNS Changer Working Group can detect the malware and explain how to fix infected machines.

“Everyone should check to see if their computer is infected,” urged Randall Hoth, Wisconsin BBB president/CEO. “It takes less than a minute to check and, if your equipment is clean, there is nothing more you need to do. If your computer is infected, the DNS Changer Working Group recommends the necessary steps to save your computer. But this must be done by July 9th or you could lose internet access.”

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21 restaurants coming to fundraiser for animals - tickets on sale now!

Feasting for Felix tickets now on sale

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Pit Bull Puppy Amputee Recovers at WHS

 Puppy’s Deformities Result in Amputation Surgery

Wisconsin Humane Society seeks donations for “Thumbelina”
MILWAUKEE – A very special puppy has stolen the hearts of staff members at the Wisconsin Humane Society and indeed, it’s fairly impossible to resist her sweet puppy face. WHS is hoping a special appeal this weekend will help them raise the funds necessary to cover her recent amputation surgery.
Thumbelina is an 8-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix puppy who arrived at the shelter because of a congenital deformity in her left front leg. It wasn't growing properly and her family was unable to care for her any longer. 
“Thumbelina underwent the specialized surgery like a champ,” says Dr. Rebecca Jackson at WHS, who performed the amputation.  “She is currently recovering in our Intensive Care Unit, and her prognosis looks great. We were glad to be able to help her.”
The cost of her surgery and medical care is expected to reach about $2,000 and WHS is asking for help with her special medical expenses. To make a contribution, visit or call 414-431-6121.
The Wisconsin Humane Society receives no government funding and relies entirely on the support of the community to annually care for 20,000 animals. The organization is recognized by Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading charity watchdog group, as a 4-star charity, its highest rating.

To Be Green Again

Certified Arborist MN-0324A

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Early Intervention is the Key to Success

Autism, disability services, Early Intervention, Easter Seals, Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin, nonprofit

We are very proud to announce that this June we celebrated the graduation of one of our autism services participants, Kai.

Kai was adopted from an orphanage in China when he was 28 months old. Upon return home with his parents Kai did not walk, speak, or interact with others. After seeing a specialist, Kai’s parents were told their son would be non-verbal and require long-term care. They looked to Easter Seals for help. “Of course I was devastated by the long-term prognosis and relieved when our son was accepted into the autism program at Easter Seals. His therapists were all caring, insightful and astute, and worked fantastically with our kiddo! On lead therapists and staff were flexible with our changing schedule and coordinated well with teachers at my son’s school.”

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Don't Get Steered into Paying Extra for a Car Rental

BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, car_rental

Gasoline prices have dropped for more than 10 weeks in a row and are now averaging about $3.50 a gallon in Wisconsin, according to AAA. This just may be the perfect time for a road trip! The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends tips for renting a car without breaking the bank.

In 2011, BBB received 3,773 complaints nationally against the auto renting and leasing industry. Many of the complaints were a result of billing and contracting issues. When it comes to navigating the rental car process, there are many little details that often times leave consumers confused as they eagerly wait to get on the road.

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Prescribed Fertilization Can Help Your Trees Now!

by Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board-Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B
Trees have had their share of problems:  necessary elements for growth, defense, replacement
• They have suffered from thinning root systems during leaves or roots and compensating for environmental
the last five years of the accumulating drought stresses.
• Boring insects have risen to extremely high levels and • Root biostimulant and humates option for tree fertil-
are attacking various species. ization. This more “green” approach enables the roots
• Chlorosis has begun or intensified on susceptible trees to be targeted. This is often necessary to compensate
• Needle diseases and needle drop of evergreens are for drought, construction damage or root rot. It is
commonly visible. invaluable in assisting trees without stimulating root
• Fungal leaf diseases of deciduous trees are causing rot, shoot blight or other diseases. It is indispensable
defoliation. in encouraging newly planted trees to become estab-
• Root rots have affected many root systems. lished, especially in our difficult, clay-based soils.
• Dieback and decline has started on many trees • Mixing root biostimulant combinations with varying
All of these are working in varying combinations to leave levels of complete fertilizer. This provides for special
our trees stressed and vulnerable to further insect and disease applications and requirements based on the tree con-
attack. Some are not ready to endure another long winter. dition and insects and/or diseases present.
Fertilization is one of the most powerful tools arborists • Chelated iron, or manganese alone, or as an inclusion
have at their disposal to help trees recover from stress to fertilization, can help to fight or prevent chlorosis or
and damage. It is often necessary to help trees by controlling micronutrient deficiency.
insect or disease attack but as far as providing aid that actu- Your Certified Arborist is best qualified to choose the
ally improves tree health; fertilization is the cornerstone. right options and combinations to design the program tai-
Several options in fertilizer formulation enhance our abil- lored for your specific situation. Fall is the perfect time to
ity to help your trees recover and avoid potential problems: fertilize because roots naturally peak their growth as the
• Polymer-based nitrogen in a specially balanced com- leaves shut down for the year. Fall fertilization can enhance
plete fertilizer. This allows us unmatched control with this peak and promote greater pick up of the soil-injected
slow release for an entire year without “pushing” the materials. This will better prepare your tree for a long winter
tree or stimulating unwanted growth. It provides the and help it to be able to successfully “wake up” next spring!

Students: Steer Clear of Financial Aid Scams

financial_aid, BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, college_students, scams, scholarships

If you are (or have a child who is) a senior in high school, chances are you know about the college application deadline looming. It's also likely that you've been approached (or will soon be approached) by companies promising to help you find college financial aid or scholarships. Beware!

With the cost of college outpacing inflation and crimping family budgets, students and their families are anxious to find scholarships and other awards that can help them pay for higher education. The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises students and their parents to be wary of websites, seminars or other schemes that promise to find scholarships, grants or financial aid packages for a fee.

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