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How Often Should a Tree be Pruned?

By: Jean Ferdinandsen WI-0149A

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DNR sued over wolf hunting rules; WHS a plaintiff in lawsuit

Wisconsin Humane Society Joins Lawsuit to Protect Wisconsin’s Dogs

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Leaf Spots, Early Fall Colors, Leaf Drop, Oh My! and The Tall Stately Man

By: Anthony Arnoldi, Board-Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B

It has been increasing ever since the middle of summer – trees showing greater and greater amounts of stress as summer has worn on. The number of concerned calls we received inquiring as to the reasons for this have increased right along with these symptoms.

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Pet Calendar Contest - Now accepting entries!

wisconsin humane society

Models Wanted: Clothing Optional
The Wisconsin Humane Society’s Calendar Contest is Underway!


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Atwater, art, drawings

Where have I been these days? All around town, sometimes even beyond the boundaries and into Milwaukee, Riverwest, Bayview, or pedaling on the bikepath to some sort of predetermined destination. Or dancing at the free concerts in the parks.

What haven’t I been doing? Writing.
What have I been doing? A lot of drawing.

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Fall Is A Great Time To Plant A Tree By Jean Ferdinandsen Certified Arborist WI-0149A

A new tree is an investment and a legacy for the future. Proper planting and follow up care will help capitalize on your investment. We always put extra effort into the planting process to ensure a good start for your tree.

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Saving birds... one company at a time! American Family Designated "BirdSafe" by Wisconsin Humane Soc.


American Family Insurance’s National Headquarters Building Designated “Bird-Safe” by Wisconsin Humane Society

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Moisture stress on trees affects every physiological process adversely. The first response is the closure of the leaf stomata. This acts as a defense mechanism by reducing the transpiration of water. With the stomata closed, the curtailing of photosynthesis is the result, as carbon dioxide is not absorbed. The stoma is a pore, tiny leaf opening, found in the leaf and stem epidermis (many on each leaf) that is used for gaseous exchange. This reduction in photosynthesis limits the growth and production of carbohydrates (energy) which increases the trees susceptibility to insect pests and disease.

Water stress inhibits the production and translocation of essential materials in the plant, (listed below) and further contributes to the reduced growth and development.

  • ·         Carbohydrate (food) production
  • ·         Proteins
  • ·         Enzymes
  • ·         Growth regulators
  • ·         Mineral nutrients

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