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Competition and profit.

Health care.



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School Traditions Warm Whole Community

school traditions, Shorewood, Shorewood High School

I am posting this because I agree, even though yes, it's unruly, and rough, and confusing to new parents in the district. It's important for what it does to solidify the connection between the village and the school - - never more present than the first week of September!


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Help for Inventors Who Want to Get Patents Issued More Quickly

 Next Meeting: September 17, 2009 at 5:45 p.m.
Downtown Milwaukee
Absolute Technology Law Group Offices
135 W. Wells, Suite #518
Milwaukee, WI 5320

(Click here for information)

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DON'T RAIN ON . . . .

events, All-City Parade

It did rain on August 8, soaked the All-City Parade before it even had a chance to float its floats. Luckily the Labor Day Parade was coming up, and now All-City will be in Labor! So come on Monday, Sept. 7th. Dozens of community groups collaborated to create the All-City Parade, to make masks and giant puppets, to meld ideas into an organic concept that will dance and toot and weave through the downtown streets starting at 11 AM.

I wrote a blog about ithe parade last July, A PARADE OF IDEAS, which has links to more information.

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Schwartz, Open Book Co-op, Shorewood

The empty Fiji water bottle and probably-empty Stone Creek coffee cup have been in the window since last April. Perhaps that summarizes the dark and hollow heart of Shorewood where Schwartz once was. The bottle is transparent like the plate glass windows: everyone who passes knows there’s nothing there, not even change, not even a FOR LEASE sign. The coffee cup’s opaque. Passers-by have no idea what’s going on under the lid: mold must be gathering, especially if it wasn’t black coffee.

Everyone wonders what’s happening in the head of Roundy's, owner of the emptiness, also owner of the Walgreens building, so I’m told. Rumors abound, well, there’s at least one rumor around, frequently repeated: they want to knock it all down, build a mega-Pick ‘N Save with pharmacy and a mega-parking lot. I wish Roundy's would publicly deny this.

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Labor Day, Shorewood.

Situation normal.


Labor Day, sunny and warm.

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My real quote for today's Journal article about TPing Shorewood

Shorewood High School, TPing, tradition, toilet paper, Journal Sentinel

Surprised to find the quote that ended up in the paper today.

Here's what happened. Yesterday a reporter called while I was at UWM carrying things from the Student Expo up to our student office with both kids somewhat in tow, and so I tried to silence the kids but every other word of mine to the reporter was me yelling, "HENRY GET OVER HERE" and "Helen, yes honey you CAN push the button on the elevator just COME HERE." etc. But the sentiment that I discussed was not really where the reporter wanted to go. He wasn't into consensus, he was into making this a conflict between the administration and the parents.

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HE LIES ! Question is whether it is Congressman Joe Wilson who lies, or Obama ??

Health Care, Public Option, Insurance Executive, Member of Congress, Hip Replacement, He Lies, Joe Wilson, Obama

I had started this posting to my blog on the mis-information being spread by many Republicans about Health Care Reform --- and I really intend to get onto another topic soon --- but the new revelations about the mis-truths being spread by Health Insurance Executives and Lobbyists, and by Republican Senators and Congressmen  just keep on coming ..........

During his speech on Health Care Reform last night, President Obama was heckled by Republican Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina.  As reported by Associated Press Writer Seanna Adcox:

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Indian Summer magic.

Indian Summer.



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Liar, liar.

you lie



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SHS -- Senior Pranks -- the Other Side of the Story

TP, School, Cops, Parents, Seniors, Shorewood High School, rituals, pranks

When the first stories came out regarding the "pranks" by the SHS seniors, I confess that I felt that it was another case of authorities Over-Reacting ........

First Impression:

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That's some socialsim.

What is Socialism/



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Touch the horizon.

Touching the horizon.


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Rex Sucks --- Old School Pranks --- Old School Discipline

Shorewood High School, Discipline, Suspension, Pranks, Seniors, Police, St. Bonaventure, Rex

In light of the recent controversy about Senior Pranks at Shorewood HS and the appropriate discipline – I thought a comparison to my day and age would be helpful in finding the right perspective.

In the fall of 1965, I started as a freshman at St. Bonaventure HS in Sturtevant, WI. It was a college prep boarding school, run by Franciscan priests.

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events, philosophy

“What did you do this summer?” someone asked me last week.
“Why, uh, every day I wrote a things-to-do list, and spent the rest of the day crossing off as much as possible!”

That was true, yet said nothing, so I added, “I danced a lot.”

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Shorewood Business District Stages Annual Showcase Shorewood Event on September 26

Village Promotes All the Great Reasons To Live, Work and Shop in Shorewood!

The name says it all: Showcase Shorewood! And that’s exactly what the Village of Shorewood will do when the spotlight is on the Village and all the great reasons to live, work and shop there. Showcase Shorewood takes place on Saturday, September 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the Shorewood business district. The day will be filled with exciting activities including sidewalk sales, special in-store promotions, and a fine art and craft fair and business expo on the lawn of Shorewood High School. Free trolley rides will provide convenient transportation along Oakland and Capitol to see all the action. Plus, live music will be performed all day on the high school lawn. Residents and guests are invited to experience all the great reasons that make the Village of Shorewood such a special place to live, to work and to shop.

Here's a sampling of Showcase Shorewood activities and events - all FREE!
- Trolley rides from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. along Oakland Ave. and Capitol Dr., sponsored by Shorewood prosthodontists Tim Hart D.D.S. and Jesse Smith D.D.S.
- A fine art and craft fair and business expo on the lawn of Shorewood High School, 1701 E. Capitol Dr. Discover unqiue, handmade artwork to buy! Talk to Village and business representatives and learn about Shorewood’s community and civic groups.
- Live music on the steps of the high school auditorium: 10 a.m. Caribbean Eclipse, calypso drums; 11:30 a.m. Peggy James, country rock; 1 p.m. Don Linke, classical guitar; 2:30 p.m. John Egan, jazz vocals ; and 4 p.m. Trio de Janeiro, bossa nova and Latin lounge.
- Food and beverages for sale on the high school lawn from North Star American Bistro, voted one of Milwaukee’s Top 30 restaurants by the Journal Sentinel. Also sample delicious crepes from Satellite Crepes, coffee drinks from Last Drop Coffee Shop and bagels from Einstein Bagels. 
- Face painting by Sparkles the Clown from 12-2 p.m. in front of Wells Fargo Bank, 4015 N. Oakland Ave.
- Balloon twisting from 12-2 Jeff Biskowitz at Actaea Works, 4001 N. Oakland Ave.
- End of summer cookout at Nehring’s Sendik’s on Oakland, 4027 N. Oakland Ave.

Showcase Shorewood is a super family event that engages residents and guests in a celebration of the richness of the community. Special thanks are extended to the Shorewood School District for the use of their facilities. In case of rain, the art fair and business expo will be held in the high school Arena, just off the parking lot behind the school on Oakland Ave.

For more information, visit or call 414.962.7002.

Is Joe Wilson & the Good Folks of South Carolina Really in Favor of Less Fed Spending & Programs ?

Joe Wilson, South Carolina, Federal Money to States per Capita, Pork, Southern Politicians

Joe Wilson, the Congressman from South Carolina who was so incensed by President Obama's speech to the Joint Session of Congress that he felt it necessary to yell out that Obama was a Liar, seems to want LESS Federal government Spending and Programs  --- Or does he Really ???

And if he does, do you  think the Good Folks of South Carolina share his sentiments ?

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It's your move.

Simple economics



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art, events, exhibits, drawings, paintings, poem

Dancing’s in my genes. On my mother’s side. Even at age 85 she wildly improvised to Paul Cebar at Bastille Days. She loved the human body in action, loved the movement and the freedom of dance. And so do I.

I love the movement and the freedom when I dance, when I watch dancers, and when I draw dancers. I almost always draw them from life, at rehearsals or performances, would never want a dancer to pose for me. After all, it’s the motion I’m after.

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It's important to us.

Plans important to citizens



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