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Who are "the people?"

The people.


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Health insurance?


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Top 4 Reasons to Exercise

weight-loss, workout, personal training, metabolism, lose weight, fitness, exercise, burn calories, confidence, less stress, increase energy, appearance, energy

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of replies I got last week regarding the line "Put the Spark Back in your Sex Life".  It seems everyone wants to know how exercise will improve their sex lives.  Here are 4 of our top 10 reasons to exercise.

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Almost the Same Percentage of Americans will Die of Cancer this Year as in 1950 !!!

Health Care, Cures, American Center for Cures Iniatives, Dr. Boxer, Lou Weisbach,

 In the Current Debate over Health Care in the USA, I never hear about "What" Health Care is Now --- compared to Health Care over 50 Year Ago ......... but if you think about it, the Only Real Difference, is that we now have Medications that Prolong our Lives, and do a Better Job of Alleviating Suffering.

Other than Better Surgery (replacing hearts, hips, knees), the Only Major Advances in Medicine in the Last 70 Years or so has been Innoculations, which can help to Prevent Diseases (Polio was the Big Breakthrough) and Antibiotics that Stave Off Infections (bacterial, not viral).

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Top 6 Reasons to Exercise

weight-loss, workout, personal training, nutrition, metabolism, less stress, fitness, exercise, burn calories, live longer, reduce health risks, eliminate back pain

I know...I've had a hard time waiting for me to disclose the other 6 reasons you should be exercising.  I thought about breaking the list of 6 into 2 blogs but I had a feeling you might not have been able to handle the suspense, so I'll spare you the agony.  Here are the other 6.  

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International Students Including Chinese Students Arrive at Concordia

We are now more than two months into the semester and things seem to be going well for the Chinese students from Xinjiang University who are studying at Concordia University. I've become friends with many of the students becuase they remember me from my summer trip to China. It's a great feeling to see the the faces of people I met months ago, thousands of miles away; it reinforces the notion of just how small our plant has become. 

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An Event Not To Be Missed..

An Event Not To Be Missed…

It was a magical day indeed today in Milwaukee at the Midwest Airlines Center. Wonderful wine, cheese, chocolates, top chefs’ demonstrations, beers, coffee, tea were all available to the visitors. It was an elegant event right here in town. There was so much to sip, taste and learn. The good news for those who missed it is that it continues on Sunday. 

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Best Local Hiking Trails

hiking, fall colors, cardio, , fitness, exercise, outdoor workout, , personal training

Brown Sign!"  Says Holly from the passenger seat of the rental car as she points to a big brown sign on the side of the freeway.  I crank on the steering of our rental car (a.k.a. go-cart) and barely make the exit.

When playing the Brown Sign Game you don't want to miss the sign your navigator points out!

This particular brown sign proved to be a worthwhile stop.  It had a few miles of hiking trails with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

Holly (my business partner) and I were in Colorado last week.  Most of our time was spent attending the week long Fitness Together conference but we did manage to find time to play in the mountains and get our workouts in.  Yes, we got our workouts in - EVERYDAY.

The best workouts were , without a doubt, done while playing the Brown Sign Game.  Brown signs mark recreation areas which are perfect for outdoor workouts.  3 of the 6 days in Colorado Holly and I went hiking or running at the brown sign stops.  It was absolutely breath-taking out there.  Snow capped mountains, colorful leaves, and crystal clear mountain springs. 

You don't have to go all the way to Colorado to play the Brown Sign Game.  Right now, Wisconsin is beautiful with the fall colors.  So get out and do some hiking, trail running, biking, walking - anything - just get out there and enjoy the leaves before they're gone!

In case you don't want to drive around looking for brown signs we've compiled a short list of great hiking spots nearby:

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art, exhibits

I’m already missing the recent past when the temperature and my age sometimes coincided (low seventies). I threw a tarp over collards, arugula, lettuce, and cilantro during the first frost, managed to prolong my garden’s life and thus, perhaps, my personal summer.

October does have its good points. The color of leaves, for one, and Adolph is on a tree-drawing binge. Halloween, for another, when skeletons, pirates, and witches stream down Shorewood streets. Then there’s Gallery Night and Day, the seasonal reminder that the Milwaukee art scene is very much alive. The fall Gallery Night is Halloween’s precursor. People stream down the streets, but don’t have to ring doorbells, don’t have to trick or treat. They walk into the galleries, grab a handful of chips or a few pistachios, and gaze at art.

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H1N1 Flu


There is such an abundance of information about the H1N1 flu.  It seems everywhere you turn there is something about it.  Keep in mind that it is important to keep informed about this rapidly changing situation.

Infection by the H1N1 virus is widespread across the United States, including Wisconsin.  There is more flu activity for this time of year than normal.  The Health Department is getting reports about student absences from local schools.

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Is health care a form of national security?

Heath insurance and health care.



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Can Shorewood define its culture?

Local culture


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Why war?


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Life and death.



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Don't Tell California

Hello Again, Shorewood!

I do miss the village, quite a bit. Especially now, as I am forced to close the blinds because the sun is so bright--now that I have to get my t-shirts out because tank tops are a little too little. I miss raking and weatherproofing the house and car. As a retired Shorewood teacher, I must admit I also miss Lake Bluff. I miss recess duty and open house. I miss having to wear different clothes every day. I miss being able to hold my bladder for four hours at a time.

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The Day After You Retire

I was ready to go. My love of kids was not tarnished by virture of being with them for 30 years, I was on top of my game, had good humor and the kind of freedom that competence can bring you if you push long enough. First and second graders are really easy to enjoy, however, so maybe calling it work is a bit of a stretch. But I did have to be dressed by 7 every morning. There were no tears on my last day at school, at least not from me. I loved what I did, did it and am now ready for the next act. I have not stopped thinking or learning. There is actually more to think about when you don't have to write notes home to parents explaining why you took their kid's smencil away (that's a pencil that smells like something every other kid wants to smell while you're teaching math). Here are some things I've already learned since retiring in June:

-get a big dog. I realized that without little kids to take each arm and pull me up off the floor, it is very helpful to have a dog tall enough and study enough to be of some good.

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Corporate America is looking out for us boomers. The product investments on television are particularly telling. Kids, if you want to know what happens to you as you age, pay attention to what they are trying to get us to think we need. I have a couple favorites. First is the Heel-tastic! I never realized how rough the skin on my heels would get as I aged. Schedule time for sitting on the edge of the bathtub scraping layers of dead skin off your feet. Think of it as an archeological digs; each layer revealing a unique time in your life. When to do it? When they catch on the sheets as you straighten your tired legs, it's time for another expedition. If you can't find products like Heel-tastics, then you can use the Ped Egg, featuring a cute little catch cup for all the dead epidermis. Sweet.

While you're focusing all that attention on your feet however don't forget ladies, that your facial hair is growing all the while you do. Time out for a Tweezie. That's a little grabber that yanks those straggly hairs off your chin and jaw. They grow overnight and when you talk with people the following day, that's all they will be looking at.

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Shorewood Business Improvement District Announces Showcase Award Winners

Annual Awards Recognize Outstanding Commitment to Business District

At its annual meeting in October, the Shorewood Business Improvement District (BID) proudly presented its annual Showcase Awards to Shorewood businesses and business partners that have shown outstanding commitment, dedication and support of the Village's business district. In addition, a facade improvement award recognizes outstanding property investment in the business district.

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environment, events, philosophy, climate change

It’s fascinating to grow old in the early 21st century. When I was young, we didn’t have a refrigerator, we had an icebox, cooled by a chunk of ice delivered to our kitchen. When I picked up the phone receiver, the operator said, “Number please.” We had to wind up our Victrola in order to listen to records (78s). A Model T Ford was stored in our back yard by a friend fighting in World War II. I was 11 when I first saw a television set.

I loved science fiction, Robert Heinlein, Philip Wylie, and other writers who pushed the limits of human imagination. I never thought I’d one day live in a sci fi world.

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They Can Tell

Moving from the midwest to Southern California takes a little bit of adjustment. If any of you are planning to move here, there are ways to prepare yourself for the change.

1. Get your teeth whitened. Fake white has become the new normal here, especially if you're over 50. It's the white picket fence around the possibility that someone will believe you when you say in your dating profile that looks don't matter.

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