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Curb Stop Shopping

I was surprised to hear a New Berlin friend express her amazement at the roadside rummage giveaways we have in Shorewood. They don’t do that where she lives. Maybe they don't know how cool it is. Maybe they haven’t heard about the reuse part of the 3Rs. I find it a service that I can leave an old chair out in the alley next to my trash cart one day, and two days later wake up and it’s gone. I hope someone made a few bucks on my laziness. This little quirk of ours is one I really like. I think it’s the appeal of the mystery around who took our things and the magic of its disappearance. It's like backwards santa. The fact that we don’t have to pay the DPW to pick it up or to crush it is an added plus.

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Basic Republican equality.


George Washington was a slave holder.

One of the men who is among my three favorite presidents was Thomas Jefferson, also a slave holder, who took one as his wife. She wasn't freed until after his death.

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Group living – for the elderly?

Community and the elderly

In the past the churches took on the responsibility of taking care of the elderly who could not care for themselves, just as they provided for hospital care for the sick.

Many hospitals today are still known by their previous religious identities.

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Oh my God, he was a lovely fox.

World of thoughts.

The call came in. It was my nephew in Stockholm in Sweden. What are you doing there? We're purchasing testing equipment for the firm. Nice of you to call, give my love to your wife when you get back to California.

Many things in his brain as in mine. We need more time to exchange thoughts. We both loved my brother.  See you during the holidays.

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Giving honor to our elderly.

Honoring the elderly

I believe that our ancestors, even those recent ones, dying today and yesterday are our legacy and what legacy.

I believe that their belief in equality and dignity as they have interpreted these characteristics of our nation have made us what we are and our young people should learn to appreciate what they inherit.

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Bottom up economic stimulus only remedy.

Bottom up stimulus.

Congress should provide the Big Three auto makers bridge-financing to carry them over into late January so that the new president and new congress can make provisions for providing the Big Three a good economic base.

The three auto firms should meanwhile produce only those cars that they think that they can make money on during these times and begin preparing themselves for producing small hybrid cars that they can sell. They should get into battery production that can be used in hybrid cars and in individual homes in connection with individual-home solar energy and wind systems.

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They shall remain part of the machine.

Consensus-making and leadership.

Consensus makes it possible for the least qualified of the group to share in authority.

As a goal, consensus acts to fortify group action and does not operate toward agreement nor does it encourage creative thought that might yield leadership among elected officials.

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A Fine Line; It don't need no stinkin' motto.

Hey, have a good motto for your local school? It’s all the rage, now that education involves recruiting and customer service. It’s not just Ford, it’s “Ford Tough”. Not a pansy truck like a Toyota. Although “Quality is Job One” used to be catchy, it’s sort of a laugh line these days. How ’bout, “Ford; OKAY! We get it!”

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Municipalities and economic stimulus

Shorewood should begin immediately to prepare itself for the War against Recession that will officially begin after the inauguration of our new president in late January.

This war has two major purposes, 1) to place money in the hands of workers so that they can spend it immediately so that these expenditures operate as an “economic stimulus” against the recession, and 2) in addition to making it possible for the workers to earn a living, it will make significant long term investments in our infrastructure.

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Shorewood Curbs Will Be Threat to Life & Limb When Hidden Under Snow !!

DPW, Parking, Shorewood Curbs, Snow Hazards, Streetscape, Village Administration, Walkable

Back in the summer when the "Shorewood Curbs" started to be installed around the trees on Oakland Avenue ---  it became very obvious that the curbs were too high and would not allow car doors to be opened.

Rather than stop the installation of the curbs and modify or re-design them, Villager Manager Chris Swartz  said the Village would  continue to install the curbs, and take a "wait and see" approach to see if there was a need to modify them later.

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Car and home.

Bail outs.

O.K. Now I now how to handle the BIG 3.

Let's buy 55% of the stock of each of the American auto firms at today's market rate and turn them over to the Department of Commerce to handle under Secretary Richardson.

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Growing too old for what?

Dog days

Well, here we are again. As I indicated to you the other day, I”m growing too old to remain you imaginary dog and supplying you with ideas for your postings everyday.

Besides, what are people going to think if they find out that you have an imaginary dog. Imaginary dogs are for kids. All right, pet my head if you like, but I'm going to begin living a retired dog's life. No more ideas from me.

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Shaggy dog becomes Snoopy dog.

Shaggy dog tales

I'm dog tired.  I've just come back from Village Hall and didn't see a Board member around.

Are you sure that we have a Village Board? I was snooping around there and didn't see much. Incidentally, whatever they use for cleaning their carpets smelled awfully strong, so close to my nose. It almost blew out my sniffing apparatus.

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Does Northshore Bank Need a Bailout in order to Clear Their Sidewalks ?

Local Merchants, Police, Shorewood Businesses, Walkable: Snow & Ice Covered Walks

 Winter has again come into being with a vengence this year.  Snow --- thaw --- ice --- snow --- Ad Nauseum.

 By and large the homeowners and businesses have seemed to do a pretty good job in clearing their walks.

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Village Board & Administration Give Pedestrians & Shop Owners the Cold Shoulder Again this Winter

Elderly, Joe the Barber, Local Merchants, Police, Shorewood Businesses, Shorewood Curbs, Snow Hazards, Sunrise, Village Administration, Village Board, Walkable, Walkable: Snow & Ice Covered Walks

 After last winters debacle of impassable snow banks, icy walks, and the antithesis of pedestrian friendly, one would have thought that Shorewood Village Board and Administration would try to do a better job this year.

How many times will the Village Board and Administration chant their Mantra of Pedestrian Friendly --- when Shorewood's business districts are anything but ?

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We're Trying and Losing

Hey, there’s something going around…

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DPW, Local Merchants, Shorewood Businesses, Snow Hazards, Village Administration, Village Board, Walkable, Walkable: Snow & Ice Covered Walks

 The weather forecasters are predicting 12 to 18 inches of snow starting on Friday. 

Last week when we had much less snow, Shorewood businesses suffered as the parkways became virtually insurmountable barriers to their storefronts for potential customers (see pictures in my last posting).

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It's a Snow Day. I Had to Do Something!

The first so called holiday card I receive every year is from a financial advisor. It’s an annual reminder that she puts my interests first. I appreciate it, and the ones to follow. It clearly takes more effort than an e-card or nothing at all. There has been controversy about cards, of course, because they are for people and people don’t agree on things. NPR played a story about those fabulous family photo letters vs. cards about Jesus. Are we putting our families and news about them above Mary and Joseph’s kids and the good news that has surrounded him? I don’t know. I just think those lists of how everyone in the family is doing are pretty lame. A friend made one up one year about how his son had just gotten out of jail and that his daughter was finally in a methadone treatment program. The wife, he boasted, conquered her gambling addiction and he (after many past promises)has stopping sleeping around his female employees. This time for real. So all in all, the year had been good to them. Very well done. The hope of a new year wafts from every word and says to us all that if those losers can make it so can we. I am thinking of coming out with my own greeting card line and already have some ideas. Here’s my sample portfolio for a year. Good investment opportunity here, entrepreneurs. Call me.

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Shorewood DPW proves to be innovative and effective in response to last storm

DPW, Local Merchants, Parking, Shorewood Businesses, Snow Hazards, Streetscape, Walkable, Walkable: Snow & Ice Covered Walks

The Shorewood DPW has not been given the manpower or capital resources by the Village government to deal properly with big snow falls like the one last Friday.  With their trimmed back staff, the DPW workers are putting in very long hours, and they do not have the kind of equipment they had in the past for moving snow.

 Despite the limitations put upon them, the folks at DPW used innovation to vastly improve access to the storefront businesses along Capitol and Oakland after last Friday's foot or more of snow was dumped on Shorewood's streets and sidewalks.

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We Can Wait 'Til After the Holidays

After the holidays.

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