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The truth shall set ye free.

Community development. Commercial development. Improve tax base. Local social objectives.

Facts or illusion.


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Rising urban land values and the survival of small businesses in cities.

Rising land costs. Urban development projects. Small business in urban areas.



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Freedom and the inspiration toward eqaulity.

Freedom and equality. What does equality mean? Is eqaulity an unattainable inspiration?

Does freedom contain the meaning of equality. 


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Thanks to John Carlton, Nancy Bornstein, Michael Mishlove and the Shorewood School Board.

Community redevelopment. Developing increased school enrollment. Policy based on facts.



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Public schools and the older adult. (State representative, please read).

Seniors as enrollees in the public school system. State aid for seniors in school.


Creative writing, art, recreation and the older adult in the public school system.

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By the people.

Government. Representative government. Government by the people.


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The effects of rising land costs .

High land values. The economics of redevelopment. Small communities and redevelopment.

The problem of rising commercial land costs. (An economic report).


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Not even our dreams are perfect.

Government. Dreams of freedom and equality Minimal government. Of the people.


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Community building as a community venture.

Land values. Significance of community land values.



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Building a commercial center in Shorewood.

Town planning. Social/commercial centers. Importance of community building to economics of the community.

Community building is essential to building commercial centers.


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Bi-partisanism. Health care. Majority rule. Healh insurance corporations.



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New redevelopment approaches?

Redevelopment. Sustained redevelopment. New perspectives.

New and old concepts. 


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Redevelopment. The growth aspects of community.



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What's in the land values?

Public ownership of redevelopment land. Land leasing. Community building efforts.

Redevelopment and land values.


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Word and mind. What is man without word?

Word. Mind. Thought. Communication. Evolution. Humanity.


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Appropriate Land Utilization theory, VALU. Second economic report.

Redevelopment. Land Values. Appropriate ultilization of land.



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Words are not perfect.

Words. Their use. Words are not perfect.



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