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Starting anew with the development of our village.

A urban village

Today the village bookstore has turned off its “open” sign. It is now in the same state as is the Sunrise project on Capitol Drive where the restaurant once stood, now defunct.

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Are we slowly losing our democracy?

Local democracy in review.

It is obvious that most Shorewood trustees are interested in remaining in office. Otherwise incumbents wouldn't want to retain their seats. I'm sure that they must derive some pleasure from whatever role that they play as trustees.

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My former bookstore.

Bookstore and coffeeroom bum.

While running some errands the other day, I decided to drive by the former Schwartz's Bookstore in Shorewood.

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What does well-represented mean?

One anonymous reader once commented that incumbents didn't get opposition to their candidacy because the citizens were probably pleased with the way they were being represented.

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The need to understand uniqueness.

Community uniqueness

What was the lesson of the demise of our bookstore in Shorewood?

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What are the monetary values of cultural entities?

Cultural vs. monetary values.

Practical people were inclined to tell me as a child that things without monetary value have no value. This would mean that if a monetary value could not be put on an object or process, it has no value.

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What are the monetary values of cultural entities?

Politics and culture.

Practical elders and teachers were inclined to let me know as a child that things without monetary value were of no value. This would mean that if a monetary value could not be put on an object or process, it has no value.

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Who is going to report it?

Newspapers and democracy

Democracy seems to function best when its processes are transparent and public. Newspapers seemed essential, perhaps the main element in maintaining that transparency.

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Do dreams really come true?

A revitalized bookstore?

Waking up from a dream, which I seldom have or at least do not recall that I had, I remembered that I was at a regular meeting of the Shorewood's Village Board.

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You don't have to speed it up.

Speeding neels slowing.

If one writes a book on anything, from how to quit smoking to how to lose fat, or if one is a retired colonel, he or she can give military opinions on TV.   Some can give their opinions on any subject that seems hot that day on cable TV.

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To change or not to change.

Political polciy

Changing facts and changing situations may require new interpretations of new events and often require modifications or completely new policies.

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Aye, there's the rub.

Elements of economy

Most people interested in our economy are hoping that we've “reached bottom” so that we can slowly begin our ascent.

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Let's plan for beauty.

Size of shops

It seems that Shorewood Village Hall has accepted the notion that some types of business must be reduced in scale and that some should be bailed out and some should not, and some should be relocated.

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A Boston tea party.

"T" Day.

If we can throw tea overboard, maybe we should throw overboard some of those imports that are coming here from China. Can we apply the “no taxation without representation” slogans to the Chinese and the Japanese too?

Today is tax day, that is “T” day, now become tea bag day. The British put a tax on tea, that caused the revolution, George Washington, the constitution, the “bill of rights,” thus the right to carry a gun, no shootin'.

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Where has our plan taken us in the past five years?

Land values and commerical development.

Shorewood Village Board members have publicly announced their support of existing policies aimed at shifting more of our taxes to commercial development.

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Do we really know how to improve the tax base?

Tax base and the economy.

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) was originally designed to economically upgrade what were at the time called slum districts.

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Is there another solution that anybody knows of?

Creating a small business district

High rents result in reduced or no profit for some businesses in Shorewood.

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Are we working at cross purposes?

Business district feasiblity

In reviewing some of our policies in Shorewood, perhaps we need to ask the question, what are the main objectives and underlying purposes for our present “redevelopment” activities?

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Just day dreaming.

the value of vision plans

One of the things that we don't have to worry about in Shorewood is the lack of continuity in our government. We've just returned three incumbents who ran unopposed. That was a tough battle.

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Is Shorewood some kind of upside down place?

Supply and demand repealed.

I'm wondering what is happening to the old economic supply and demand theory, when it comes to shop rents on Oakland Avenue in Shorewood.


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A Calatrava Shopping Plaza for Shorewood?

A Calatrava Shopping Plaza

Mr. Guy Johnson, president of Shorewood's Village Board, I'm requesting that you call in Santiago Calatrava, international Architect and Engineer to help us put our village on the map.


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Rising out of the village center, more than a mediocre vision of Shorewood?

A village center.

Shorewood's village president, Guy Johnson, upon re-election, earlier this month said that as his underlying goal “he will work with the board and the village manager to refine and implement our village vision.”

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Short stories.



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