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Keeping their light under a bushel.

Village fasades.

I had the occasion to visit the Sherwin Williams paint shop on Edgewood and Oakland in Shorewood and I was quite impressed with the exterior treatment of the building, especially the Oakland street side facade.

I'm sure that the Shorewood Design Review Board had influence over its treatment and they should be congratulated.

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Am I being unreasonable?

Local government accountability.

Even attending Shorewood Village Board meetings will not keep the ordinary citizen up to date as to what our government is doing in Shorewood.

The Board's subcommittees and standing bodies, made up of Shorewood citizens, cannot bring all the information together at a single meeting.

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Another historic improbable.

Anorher historic improbable

I wonder as to how many thoughtful Americans today, on one of the most significant election days since the days of FDR are giving any thought to the fact that a man of mixed race, one more readily accepted as a black man than as a white man is likely to become president, as a member of the democratic party, the anti-abolitionist party, the pro-slavery party of the civil war?

So-much for party labels and conservatives versus liberals. Incidentally another anomaly is that it was the liberal thought of our founding fathers that gave rise to the the development of our constitution and the democratic principles on which our nation is based, not on what Lincoln would probably today think are the superficialities of aristocracy in this country.

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Democracy. Was it always freedom of the people?

Freedom and democracy.

Thomas Jefferson, even had he not been president, would have been someone whom I would have admired because of his philosophy of government.  Abraham Lincoln held together the union, that Jefferson helped create, while abolishing slavery during the Civil War.  And Franklin D. Roosevelt, kept our country from going either fascist or communist during the early thirties, defending our country on two oceans against those who would destroy our union and our democracy.  

These three are my favorite Americans regardless of any of their personal foibles.

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If we can get away with it.

Speed limits

North Lake Drive is part of the highway system.

It extends from the freeway and then north along Memorial Drive and onto North Lake Drive through Whitefish Bay and beyond Silver Spring.

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“we can't do that because . . . ”

Economic redevelopment

We live a in precarious and dangerous world.” This has been said many times before.

Now that we are in a financial and stock market-based recession and now that at the same time we are moving toward a number of significant social changes, many of the dangers arise out of our human built society, in fact they are built into its structure, developing there and awaiting the sparked events.

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Light more candles and go less on the humor.

Winter cometh.

We are now in November. As early as August I predicted but dreaded that Fall and Winter would come.  I make these predictions every year and the events come without fail.  I guess my hope is that I'll be wrong one of these days.

I couldn't predict how the election would turn out of course. It seems that nature is more reliable than are our institutions. But elections aren't supposed to be predictable, then what would be their purpose? 

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When a billionaire becomes half-a-billionaire.

Economic speculation

So the election is over, still proving that we want our princes and princesses and coronations.

But more importantly this event has made it clear that about 50% to 60% of Americans , in the middle of the political spectrum are for a rather free economic system, especially when everything is going right.

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Nature, beautiful but not always so kind.

Our nature.

Some of us are fortunately located here in Shorewood where over the years we've been visited by deer, raccoons, I believe even by coyotes and other sorts of animals that city dwellers should not be able to see on a daily basis.

The other day I saw a beautiful fox. Of course there are the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. Our bird feeder attracts many types of birds. In a sense, we might as well be in the country. We live where, in the winter time, we are barely conscious of the traffic noise of the street.

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Simple enough, a Wal-Mart bailout.

Job creation

The bailout that is going to work is going to be the Wal-Mart bailout.

It works this way, money is put in the hands of working families on a regular and continuous basis so that they can continue to shop. This means jobs.

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Who is going to bail out Sunrise?

Economics of community development

The Sunrise development proposal for an assisted living complex at 1111 East Capitol Drive, adjacent to the river in Shorewood was a development proposal significantly involving Village Hall.

The demise of this project first came to light this week, reported by Tom Daykin and pointed out by Steve Koczela

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Ownership is of the essence.

Community development.

Shorewood like many other communities involved in state supported community development has a serious and significant lesson to learn.

That lesson is that “community development” means community improvement and not merely tax base expansion.

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Shorewood projects in limbo?

Failed construction projects.

A request for an update on some of our development projects was made on November 4th, one was the Sunrise project and another was the Condos on Oakland.

On learning of Sunrise's cancellation, I suggested that Shorewood purchase the Sunrise property as soon as possible.

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“The now defunct Sunrise project.”

Defunct municipal projects.

This project was my fault.  I made the mistake of not fighting hard enough.

This note is directed to the citizens of Shorewood. I don't want anyone at Village Hall to read this or to even hear about it for they may want to share in this failure.

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Sunrise, sunset.

River parcel.

What to do with the so-called “Sunrise” property?

If I were thinking of the type of use that should go on the Sunrise property along the river on Capitol, from a purely social aspect, I'd like to see some river related use along the river side (there are plenty of clues that we can get from Europe) and east of that, a low rise group living complex for seniors.

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Policy, simply on faith?

Who makes policy.

New analysis give some of us pause to think about how policy is actually set here in our village.

Who is responsible for putting it all together, who gives it direction and who is responsible when it all falls apart like the Sunrise project?

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Importance of life.

Gods religionized.

Some time ago I rediscovered a short note that seemed to be a letter by someone studying past and important gods of the world, those who are not immediate and significant to our culture, those gods of thousands of years ago. The note stated that the writer had learned that they were usually “cultural-invented or designed by individuals and then some of these gods arose as social modifications of other religions and further religionized when culturally acceptable to the needs of the time and place.”

He wrote further, “that in keeping with this past history that if he were to design or invent a god for our present times, for our culture, this god would be billions and billions of light years away, in another universe, not a god responsible for our existence but a god who was given responsibility to be compassionate to the fragilities of human beings and given the task of reaching us on this earth from that distant place to guide and instruct us as to our own compassionate responsibilities to each other.”

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Senior independent living concepts.

Senior indepent living concepts.

With an expected growing elderly population that is increasing faster than the school age population is in Shorewood, it becomes necessary for both the School Board and the Village Board to review their present policies and develop a community approach to an aging citizenry.

People over 60 can make contributions to the services provided by the village as well as be recipients..This is not a one way street as may be commonly believed, where services are only to be provided to the older adults.

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Is a word really a word, as rose is always a rose?

Words and culture.

Writers are of course fascinated with words and their meanings.

Some write as conventionally as possible and others create and give new meanings to words. Poets are fond of creating new sensations.

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Give them the money. Why not? And let's all give thanks.

The rich get richer.

Millionaire or billionaire executives are not going to give up their perks or stop spending money on themselves merely because they are asking for a loan of 25 or 50 billion.

After all, its because they are rich that they are heads of very rich companies and that they are asking for billions to carry them over the Christmas season.

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The soul—a modern question.

Embryo, life and soul.

The idea of a soul seems to have developed out of a notion that human beings become the physical vessels that carry our spiritual consciousness, this evolving from our belief in immortality.

And from that, the travel of our soul to another world after death. Most religions set forth this notion.

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Why not transition, tomorrow?

Moving up the transition date.

It seems that the Bush Administration passed away a few weeks before the election.  And it left Secretary of the Treasury Paulson to read its final rites.

We are now beginning to experience a two-month long "state of inactiveness" at this crucial time for our nation. Parliamentary governments are off and running the day after the election as should our government be.

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They do not appear to participate when they are not.

Society is not for the elderly.

Elderly are often seen as looking inwardly. If this were really true, then I'm not one of those.

I must make myself look inward occasionally and then primarily to rediscover who I am. I'm never the same person from day to day. I suppose no one is. So I have to keep track from time to time.

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Image or reality?

Who are we?

None of us are what we appear to be to others.

Recently while in the grocery store, an expensively dressed mother with three children of very young age, saw some fruit there, and said to the children, “look Asian Pears,” then proceeded putting a number of them in a small paper bag.

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Can we keep the sky from falling?

An economic perspective.

If I were to describe the serious situation of our economy today in a rather simplified way, we would need to be prepared to think in Titanic terms.

A huge ship containing all that is valuable to us, manned by a drunken crew has rammed into the base of a dam holding millions of gallons of water vital to our existence.

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Thankful, but for what?

Loss of values.

My thoughts on this national holiday, this Thanksgiving Day, thinking of our nation, what do we give thanks for today?

Do we give thanks for two wars being conducted in places where most Americans haven't been or that they could even locate on a map?

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Making Shorewood an age-friendly community.

Age friendly community.

It is well-known today that we are living in a world of aging population.

Longevity is significantly shifting the population more toward an older population, with fewer people of younger age and more of older age.

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Outword lookers or inword viewing?

Community building.

Looking inward” on a national basis is viewed as protectionist and anti-global.

At the community level, “looking inward” is seen as elitist, pretentious or of a better sort.

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