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A short, short story.

Short Story.



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Economic forces and urban design.

Economics and urban design.

I'm going to apply briefly to our community here in Shorewood what is being learned from a new perspective regarding the redevelopment of our cities, given the new circumstance of what is referred to as globalism, population growth and the resulting changing land values.


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Verbal cartoon number 1. Speaking of the devil.

Devil and contract with Haiti.

The Sin-not is in session.


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Fun is fun and who will ever know the difference.



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TEA PARTY MOVEMENT, NOT A MOVEMENT. Most Americans stand in the center, not to the left nor to the right.

Polititical Parties. Americans as centralists.



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Let's also ask, what do certain public projects do for older citizens living here?

Housing older adults who live in suburbs



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Do parties lead to a more democratic society?

Democracies and poltical parties.


Democracy is not doing as well today as our forefathers would have wished.

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Mind. Illusions. Philosphical significance of the mind.



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The poltics of "you betcha," not hopey-changey stuff.

Palin. The Tea Party. The Republican Party. The party of "you betcha."

A characteriization of the politics of “you betcha.”


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My view of the State of the Union.

State of the Union. Economic depression. Central banking system. Stock market. Unemployment. Revolution.

The State of the Union.


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A look at a "mad as hell approach" to handling a devil of an economy.

The economy. Unemployment. Taxes. Government spending. Mad as hell.

What a devil of an economy!


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Work ethic and rationality.

Work ethic. Rationality. Rational and irrational social and economic systems.


It is said that human beings are the most rational of God's creatures.

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Our congratulations to everyone involved in Shorewood's Community Development.

Commercial development. Community Development. Tax Base. Improvement by Town Design.

Our congratulations.   And our recognition of Shorewood's  involvement in Community Development.


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A "walkable" community can become even more "walkable."

Designing the walkable community. Social spaces. Hard surfaces and Community.



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It will take a Calatrava.

Traffic through towns. Rivers of traffic require bridges. Traffic and community do not mix well.

A Calatrava to solve our traffic problems or an UWM architectural student project?


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Our inherited economic cushion.

Economic recessions. Economic cushion. Built-in economic institutions.

What is an economic cushion?


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