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Presidents are not perfect.

It is becoming obvious that political conventions have lost their real usefulness.

They are no longer about party and national issues but about the candidates whom already have been chosen preceding the conventions. Today these gatherings become the candidates' convention.

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Qualified to be president.

I'd like to wish Senator John McCain good luck in “fixing Washington,” whatever that means.

Reform” is another term. What kind of reform and where does one start and toward what end? And what about the term change?

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September and tongue-speak

So August has resolved itself into September, the month that transcends us into Autumn's folly. We still think warmth and not snow.

No, not yet. It is primary election time in our village of Shorewood and in Wisconsin, voting for those who will rule us and who will ask the big questions, like “how many angels can stand on the head of a pin” and the meaning of life, its beginning and end.

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The politics of no programs.

The Republican administration of the last 8 years has led us nowhere.

The Republican Party, once the party of Lincoln, with its recent history and its present leadership under Senator John McCain has truly become “a bridge to nowhere party,” personified still further by his Alaskan “bridge to nowhere” running mate.

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Our politicalnd economic future.

It is my conclusion that Senators Obama and Biden will return to the Senate in November and that Senator McCain will become president of the United States in January.

What does this mean for us as Americans? We will probably have a congress with a slim Democratic majority, so that they will not be able to control the course of events. Neither will McCain and so he and Congress will have to do a lot of the “other-side-of-the-aisle” work and do much compromising.

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Poltical slogons

Putting country first does not then mean that we are a nation under God.”

Everything comes after our interest in our country, including family and children.”

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American China relationships

We in this country have lived at a place and at a time that few have ever experienced, a place where we live free of oppressive government.  Of course we must give thanks to our forefathers.

General observation of history indicates that all government tends to be oppressive. It is oppressive by its very nature. All we ned to do is view the rest of world today and in the past.

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Politicans claim change

What does change mean?

A number of economic events that are occurring today lead us to recall similar events of the Herbert Hoover-Franklin Roosevelt era. Even Senator John McCain, who has always opposed regulaitons is referring to improper regulation in the financial world.

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Market regulations

It is pretty well accepted that we are in an economic recession, and the 13th of September should prove the fragile nature of an unregulated market.

Even Senator John McCain, who is no Wall Street genius, self-admitted, says that these are serious time(s). As one involved in eliminating regulations, he thinks that the market was improperly regulated.

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Life and taxes.

Property tax is as much a fact of life as human survival and reproduction.

Although not in our genes, taxes have been in our lives as much as civilization, for taxes are part of civilization. Taxes have been there even before written history.

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Not mere specie

Human beings not mere species.

Human because of culture, civilization, government and God perceptions.

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Which third party?

Significance of party.

This country has evolved into a two party system, a congress and a strong presidency.

It is not possible to vote significantly, if one were to vote for a third party candidate in this country, no matter how noble, and something that I've sometimes considered.

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Our own energy source.

Local energy sources.

There are many elements of community that lead or contribute to its formulation.

One element of community that is going to be helpful for suburbs in their community development is going to be their local energy resources.

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A new culture for Shorewood.

Building a new culture

The London County Council was involved in the design and the building of New Towns about 25 miles out from the center of London in the late fifties and early sixties.

I was fortunate to be part of the New Towns Section for the County for several years as an Architect/Planner.

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Let's get on with it.

Community culture

Let's honor our own existence.

One of Shorewood's goals should be to keep as many citizens already living here remaining here as active members of this community for as long as possible.

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What is Shorewood's Connecting Caring Communities Partnership?

Community partnerships

In a nutshell, it is a group of people working to enhance the ability of the older residents to remain in their neighborhoods and contribute to the life of the Village.

Restoring neighborliness is at the core of the project.

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A few Florida votes can make a difference. .

Election system.

Our democracy makes it possible to select one from two to act as our leader for a period of four years.

No president has ever been politically removed during his tenure. Only one has resigned. And upon the death of the president, it is the vice-president who takes over.

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