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“No big deal.”

Renewing the business district.

My dream was that during the first part of March that some benefactor would come out and say, that I'm buying Schwartz's Book Store and guaranteeing its existence in Shorewood until we find a permanent way to handle it and at least for the next five years.

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The invisible hand.

As a child of the great depression, as one with interest in economic history, but not a historian, I've begun to review the times when Adam Smith lived, in the early to late 18th century, spanning the period of America's birth.

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New Economics

(Non-economists beware. This is so dry, it may require a couple bottles of water to get to the finish).

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Do all questions have answers?

Question without answers.

It appears that in the last few years that whenever the Village of Shorewood seems to become aware of a situation not readily understood by both Board members and staff that a consultant or consulting firm is readily sought.

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The importance of the knowledge of yesterday.

Knowledge and professionals

We must remember that professionals can only bring us knowledge of the past. That is what we refer to as experience. And the value of experience is in the art of application of the knowledge of the past to the problems of the hour.

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Economic spectulation

The gradual invention of money, eventually made it possible to carry portions of wealth around in our pockets. Underlying its value was the trust that we put into its actual metallic worth.

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The virtue and warmth of the people of Shorewood.

The guidance of institutions.

When I observe institutions and participating members of our society here in Shorewood, I think of George Santayana who said, that “human society owes its warmth and vitality to the intrinsic virtue in its members.”

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Shorewood bookstore

I find that the artistic element of my mind is at its best in early morning. Saying that there is an artistic element and that it works at all is not saying that the thoughts that it produces are so outstanding.

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If “Small is Beautiful” then what about large?

Small and beautiful--community

Some years ago, when a small local bank would lend money, placing a mortgage on a house, several years later and usually until it was paid off, the bank would still be holding the mortgage.


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What do we do now?

Situation at local level.

This evolving economic situation is now taking us to another level of learning about ourselves.

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Is this the democratic way to represent us?

Unopposed candidates.

There are three incumbents running unopposed to retain their seats on the Village Board.

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Allowing economic forces to work.

The not-so free freemarket.

One of the problems in counties with developing economies is that the governments have remained too long in the business of influencing economy and are now stultifying the process.

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Inherit the wind, ye children of Shorewood and of the world.

Cultural dishonesty

Someone said recently, that we cannot afford to have an economy based on DISHONESTY. And I guess the point has now been made.

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Our village.

Redevelopment review.

(This is a revision of a previous posting and presented more as a plan for a more organized journey that our village must take.  Those interested in the subject, I hope ,would find a re-read worthwhile).


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Here's to free-flowing ideas.

Ideas - sometimes become reality

As I generally wake up rather early, I have some moments to entertain free flowing thoughts not restricted or embedded in conventional requirements. I don't know whether this is usual or not. I'm sure that others have similar experiences.

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Formal celebration of the Bookstore's demise.

Committee processes.

It is apparent that the Shorewood Village Board has been doing better at bereavement of the village bookstore than it has at its revivification. One might wonder if the Village Board will be there at the bookstore's entombment at the end of the month for final sanctification of its passing.

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Shorewood may be a-changin.

Changing communities.

Residents of Shorewood, I do not believe, think of themselves merely as a group of homeowners held together by a common tax base.

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From village to outer space and back again.

My lttle village.

Two American crew men killed in a plane crash in Japan. Small plane crashes in U.S. – small children among the dead.

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Shorewood can't afford to miss this train.

Unique shopping district.

Those people involved in promoting Shorewood's business district need to look at themselves as stage artists 
developing a new stage setting for doing business in Shorewood.

What our business district needs is to develop novel characteristics that will attract unique businesses and clientèle.   We should develop unique nodes of gaiety both in atmosphere and appearance.

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It appears that no change may bring some change.

Planning for community

All three incumbents, members of the Village Board of Shorewood will retain their seats for another three years. Ordinarily we would not expect much change in what our local government is doing within this continuity of governance.

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Here once stood a social place.

To Shorewood's ol' bookstore.


My personal eulogy, an ode to a place of literature,

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A new structure for achieving sustainability.


It goes without saying that Shorewood's natural goal is that of maintaining its independent existence from the city of Milwaukee from which it evolved.

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Love of politics and love of humanity.

Politics and humanity

Yesterday after listening to President Obama, I was reminded of a professor in my undergraduate days, those most important days, who began his first lecture by announcing that he loved science, but that he was here teaching science because he also loved humanity.

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