Shorewood trustees, thanks

Board members

I'm finding less and less news and information in print about Shorewood. Yet we're a pretty active community doing quite a lot, especially at the political level.

We have seven trustees all with a daytime jobs and involved on various committees. This keeps them pretty busy and especially if they have children as well. Not all trustees have the same view and not all citizens agree with them either. The citizens however get to criticize what trustees do. The board members must be diplomatic with each other. That's the way it is. I guess I've been known to be a “little critical at times.”

But somebody's got to do this work.,even if some wonder why anyone wants to be in office more than once. I'm sure that each gets involved with certain projects that they'd like to see carried out.

I personally want to thank all of you for all the time you've taken out of your lives for doing this. I don't know if your lives would be easier if guys like me wouldn't be around. But I've been around for more than one term and I don't have to be at all the meetings. And I can quit at any time.

So I salute you, all of the members of the Village Board and I'm working out for next year to keep it exciting.  Thanks to the staff and committee members as well.  Without you guys, what would we do?

All the best.

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