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Perennial candidates.

Joe Adam, virtual and now perennial candidate for Village Board is getting ready for another run for the next virtual election.

First of all, he and Eve Eden are planning to have a down-to-earth garden wedding later  this summer.

She seems the most significantly intellect of the two, and interesting enough she has a small serpentine tattooed on her forearm. He is the more jolly politician.

And Joe Adam is making sure that we'll have someone running against the incumbents at all times.  Joe doesn't think that I mention his name often enough, as he wants to be a write-in candidate, so I have to pay attention to that.

One of the issues that Joe wants to bring to the Shorewood forefront is that of sidewalk canopies.

He was on a virtual trip to Rome this past summer and saw some very unusual ones sheltering the Italian outside coffee shops from the sun. And he's enthusiastic about the solar panels that I've been talking about.

I said to Joe Adam that I thought he might be getting on the wrong side of some issues so that he might not make it come election time.

He said, with Eve at his side, how could he not win the Joe Adam write-in.

Good luck to you both, Joe Adam and Eve. Happy family life.

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