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Headline: Lives taken suddenly when all seemed best.*

War and world events.

War can be justified in many ways. Yet its main purpose is destruction.

War is the destruction of villages and cities and of those who live in them, "lives taken suddenly when all seems best."  War is also part of an overall attempt to destroy the culture of the vanquished and to superimpose that of the victor's.

War is meant to kill human beings. Its objective to produce dead and the near-dead.  Various sentiments follow:

We are concerned about crime in the streets because it makes us recipients of war-like inflictions of dead  and near dead at home. Just as the term “terrorists” can be applied to those abroad, it can also be applied to the terror in our streets here at home

We used to talk of over-population and its danger to humanity and the danger it presents to the many places where people starve to death. Mass starvation is a the type of war-like condition, death within the homes and communities of many places in the world.

Masses of people have been afflicted with disease that will not only affect them and turn them into partial human beings and even kill them for usually these are inflictions carried on to others who will also suffer these effects.

We are conscious of the fact that the world is running low on water, food and energy. "But not to worry, the predictions of the destruction of humanity are only the figments of those who are over-concerned with these described situations."

Humanity has survived, and if we do not pay too much attention to world events, things will take care of themselves. Besides we are self-sufficient, self-sufficiency the purpose and the product of individual success. We can not worry about anything more. For what can we do about it?  Let's not be concerned.”

These are thoughts not much discussed in communities like Shorewood, where most of us live comfortably and do not have to see our children go to war or are in war. We are busy creating our own cultures and individual sources of wealth in order to avoid the situations described here. Self-sufficiency is the goal. And super-self-sufficiency, that of billionaires puts those people on the path to godliness.  We don't have time for these other international concerns.   

Humanity and community are only concepts, illusions and products of impractical minds. For reality is in self-sufficiency, with enough money to help isolate ourselves from these other worldly events, perhaps constancies of life.” This self-sufficiency enables us to consciously avoid slums and keep those slum dwellers out of mind.

Certain days of the week are for going to church and for being reminded of our duties to humanity and for an hour of feeling guilty, followed by freedom from guilt. Then we must enjoy what we have for the remainder of the week and bathe in our good feelings about ourselves and in realizing our good fortune.

What's the use, life is a one-time thing. Let's live it up and be thankful that we as individuals are not at war or any of those returned as near-dead. Let's rejoice in the pleasures of life and the luxuries we've earned. Let's display our success. We cannot cry crocodile tears over the misfortunes of others.”

Let's support the wars and those at war and let's wear our patriotism on our sleeves and on lapels. We are doing our duty by showing support. After all, our soldiers are dying for our way of life. War has always been that way and shall forever be. “On the other hand, “terrorist” are the ones who give up their lives too, but for the wrong purpose.”.

That is our wisdom. Why must we yield to those who believe that they have superior morals. Why should we be lectured as to the apparent evils of the world. Let us relish our individual successes. Why should we live outside of our own lives and outside of our own communities, communities like Shorewood?”

*The headline was to a local story of a car accident and brought to mind that wars and other events also cut off lives when all seems best

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