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Shorewood. An economic report in a nut shell.

Property tax revenue. Redevelopment. Appropriate land utilization.



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A proposal for Shorewood: An additional redevelopment step.

Land leasing for redevelopment. Increased returns to community. Appropriate utilization of land in terms of values.



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Urban design. Specially designed points of people atrraction. Shopping Enclaves.



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What goes up, does not always come down.

Rising land values.



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We are at work, shaping, and at "becoming a humanity."

Humanity. The making of humanity.

A poem:

It is the human brain reaching out beyond what makes mere existence,

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At uncontrollable speed of 90 miles per hour.

Land economics



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Decisions based on information.

Information. Decision-making.

Information is the knowledge that makes wise men wise. 

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Just follow the logic.

Debt and Taxes. Wars and logic.


A writer said, “society is mad.” Let's follow the logic.

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Shorewood school enrollment.

Down-sizing our schools.



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Under-enrollment, can it energize a movement to save the children?

Homeless children. A children's academy.



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One nation, two economies.

Job-creating industires and Wall Street.


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These highest of pleasures.

Power. The will to rule.

Of the human psyche.


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Just for the art of it.

Abstract analysis. Power of implementation.



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God. That's why.

God, that's why. Expanding universe too?



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Main Street and Wall Street. Let's not forget Easy Street.

Three classes. Three economies in one.



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Economic classes. Low income element of our economy. Separation of classes by income.

Back Street. 

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Does democracy need professional politicans?

Limited tenure for politicans. Health care vs. health insurance. Citizen interest vs. profits.


As I see it from the village square

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