American China relationships

We in this country have lived at a place and at a time that few have ever experienced, a place where we live free of oppressive government.  Of course we must give thanks to our forefathers.

General observation of history indicates that all government tends to be oppressive. It is oppressive by its very nature. All we ned to do is view the rest of world today and in the past.

Most events of the last 200 years however, have helped us in maintaining limitations to these traditionally oppressive tendencies.

We are fortunate too, that in the last one hundred years that we have become the most economically powerful country in the world. We have therefore been able to protect ourselves from other countries who might want to dominate us.

History also shows that all great empires eventually lose their status of greatness and if they are lucky in the process of decline, they become second rate countries. Yet their fall may be even worse.

Russia has become a second rate country now maintained by a substantial oil supply that it is distributing on the world market. The evolving great power of the future is China. She has learned how to sap off much of our wealth to her advantage.

All great powers must have the economic ability to sustain strong military force. China today has the largest army and naval force on the earth as well as an a up-to-date nuclear technology. She is the most populated country of the world.

America is not only helping to build up China's economy by turning over our technology to her, we have also become the resource for the building of her military force as well. Our financial indebtedness to China increases with each day that passes.

I would like to hear our presidential and vice-presidential candidates discuss the approach that they might take to this developing relationship with China within the broad spectrum of a global economy, and with the varous developing international organizations. 

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