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Shops and highway traffic

Both Shorewood and Whitefish Bay are working on improving their business districts. In Shorewood's case the main purpose is to improve the tax base. We've accepted that that task is of primary public interest.

Among the secondary interests, the most difficult community problem is fast movement of cars through these districts.

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Town meetings.

No amount of speculation will really tell us why all those who want to be re-elected are not being opposed by other candidates. Each of us could come up with our own ideas. Yet without these people in office we would not have any government.

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Types of diminished elections have been occurring for some time, perhaps in other communities as well in Shorewood. If it is apathy, then we must ask, why the indifference, the lack of interest?

I don't believe that we can ascribe this feeling to the thousands of people who make up our community. Although a mix of things occurring at the same time could result in that feeling among a large group.

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Term limits make for sparse ballot,” reads a headline in this morning's newspaper. No, this didn't refer to Shorewood. “1 Cedarburg seat drew no takers,” except for the incumbent whose time is up because of term limits.

Shorewood doesn't have term limits. Our incumbents are eligible, but we don't have challengers. Its challengers that are lacking. We have ample number of incumbents.

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Candidates and election

As we are going to have a virtual election in Shorewood this year, it occurred to me that we might in essence create some challenging candidates.

At first I thought it would be appropriate to have two virtual candidates, but I believe one is more than I can handle at one time. Others might want to create their own challengers.

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Governmental Democracy

As virtual candidate for the office of Trustee, I want to run for many reasons, but the main reason is to bring back democracy to Shorewood.

Very few citizens know what the issues are, therefore they're unable to exsert their opinions on issues nor do they have a means for bringing up issues for consideration. Unfortunately then, Trustees cannot possibly represent the will of our community.

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Virtual reality all over again.

Redevelopment and the people

It seems that as we spirit ourselves into the Sunrise Development that we move into a sphere of virtual reality. It is an unusual feeling, perhaps the type that few people experience.  And it is good getting back again on terra firma.

I thought that thinking citizens in Shorewood are against this development on the river. Perhaps we have to wait for the survey to determine their sentiments. I say right now, that we in Shorewood are against it.  Who says the he or she is for it?


Trasparency in government

Although I'm running as a virtual candidate, I'm growing concerned that I should in reality become one of them somehow. God forbid!

None of us know what is happening behind closed doors as to “Sunset” Development on the river. Old people are the commodity, let's make money out of the death process. I wonder if they have a funeral operation at the opposite end of this one-use (one-time use) building?

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What is public sentiment?

Public sentiment?

I believe that I was subconsciously against taking a survey for determining the sentiments of Shorewood citizens as to what they think on issues when I first heard of the idea. 

First of all, a survey is not more than a snap shot of a situation at a given time.

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Shorewood regained.

Planning andPublic relations

Shorewood rediscovered. (I didn't know it was lost).

EXCITING LOOK ushers in Shorewood's NEW ERA.   (What new look? Which era? Whose doing the   ushering?)

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Still reaching for democracy.

Government and democracy

Today democracy is only a word. For the Greek philosophers it meant a government of the people. Democracy is not only a dream throughout the world but it's an ephemeral product that our president wants to sell abroad in exchange for oil.

We Americans find it difficult to separate this government-type image from our economic thinking based on something called capitalism. Both democracy and capitalism are like a two-layered cake dipped in a strong religious sauce. This is what we refer to as “true” democracy in this country.

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Planning and development

The citizens of Shorewood are the recipients of the royal proclamation that “your environment IS IN for a change for the BETTER.”

A master plan is doing this for us? The plan has “CHARTED A COURSE ( like a water stream) to make life in one of the best suburbs in the state even BETTER?   Is the plan doing this for us or has someone initiated a plan and already taken action for us? (How sweet!).

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Unrepresenative government.

Last night when I read Steve Koczela's posting on “Johnson speaks out on Sunrise,” I felt that I had been blown out into outer space and sucked up through a black hole.

This morning, I'm returned to the flat earth. It seems to be the only reality left. Now I know why I feel dizzy when I attend Board meetings.

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Community development and the free market

Housing, slum clearance and redevelopment authorities were established in the "fifties" to condemn deteriorated properties for the purpose of renewing communities in these declining areas. Later tax incremental financing devices were invented to help fund these operations.

Today community development agencies have been established in suburban communities where slums do not exist, in communities like Shorewood, primarily for the purpose of improving the tax base, completely distorting the primary purpose and the basic reason for these endeavors, community development and community redevelopment.

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Community and Taxes

I didn't see any “community” development sensitivities in Trustee Johnson's statements in the interview he gave to Steve Koczela; Johnson is of course the President of the Shorewood Village Board.

He seemed to talk only of real estate and tax base improvement and had no apparent feelings for the renters of those apartments, for example. Nor have I found much understanding of what “community” is anywhere else in Village Hall.

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Community Development

Social community—is it “to be or not to be?”

A suggested ordinance for accomplishing a unified community approach to overall development.

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A commission for "community consolidation?" Outrageous!

Consolidating development

(As the virtual candidate for the Shorewood Village Board, I'm making the following proposal for the establishment of a Community Consolidation Commission; Joe Adam):

I'm proposing the establishment of a Community Consolidation Commission to implement the proposed Community Consolidation ordinance as has been suggested in Mangiamele's posting.

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Community and its implementation

The concepts of community consolidation in the interest of developing the community base are now before us. We are aware of the idea and the reality of implementation in the form of an ordinance and in the manner of operation.

Unless we want to dispute the importance of an overall model to guide us in our overall “community” development, then we must follow this logic. Not to do so would then be illogical.

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The mature among us.

The advancement of science and health services give claim to longevity, a longer span of life.

The first third of life is devoted to development of a socially productive human being through our education processes, the middle portion consists of actual engagement in productive activities, the final third is given over to uselessness.

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Highways and coffee shops

About a year ago, the Village Board promised us a coffee lounge in the basement of the Library, primarily for the older citizens.

Last night at a meeting for increasing the traffic (“keep the traffic moving”) on Capitol, I didn't see the coffee lounge on the basement floor of the Library.

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Spirit of Shorewood.

Community spirit

The Department of Transportation's banner is “keep the traffic moving.”  Corporations and developers, supported by national and international funding, seek opportunities to improve their “bottom” line, not our “community base.”

Those agencies nosing around in our fertile territory and those wielding authority are not always the best for Shorewood. But do we remember and are we strongly for Shorewood's bottom line? Who speaks for Shorewood?  Who carries the spirit of Shorewood?

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The poor shall always be with us.

Poor and a consumber economy

As the national political scene intensifies and draws our thoughts toward broader national and international issues, there has been an old proverb, that is not a political one,but has been running through my mind, “the poor shall always be with us.”

The proverb of the poor seems to be a reality, perhaps as real as “the rich shall get richer and the poor shall get poorer.” And this then leaves a middle group that makes up the three class system. Here in a sense is where the study of economics starts. But I want today, to get into politics as well.

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Coffee with my UFO friend.

American Christian culture.

I occasionally sit alone, at least to start with, having coffee at Schwartz's book store reading something or other. One seemingly to be a UFO arrival after sitting himself at my table began to talk incessantly about some of the religious components of American elections and the relevance of religion within the American culture.

This UFO visitor, whom some would of course describe as odd, reminded me of some of blemishes of what he referred to as “your Christian based Western culture.” He started with the Jews and Muslim Moors that were banished from Christian Spain during the 15th century and mentioned the Spanish inquisition.

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On being important.

Human development

It's one thing being human but another being important.

So we have two things, being human and being important. One becomes human on being born. At that time, a helpless human being. Generally we tend to become important as we become less helpless, so one of our objectives is to become less helpless.

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Planning for that great suburb in the sky.

One hundred year plan.

I've just looked at a sample ballot and there's no one to vote for in Shorewood.

Yet we're fighting for election privileges in the rest of the world. Maybe that's where we should go if we want to vote, perhaps go to Iraq?

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Back-room government.

Back-room government.

In spite of publicly pronounced concerns about behind-the-scenes policy-making and behind-closed-door administrative actions, these backstairs activities still seem to be going on.

The form of government that results from the processes of unpublicized and closed-door meetings is not acceptable to Shorewood citizens. We are likely to experience a significant reaction.

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