Senior independent living concepts.

Senior indepent living concepts.

With an expected growing elderly population that is increasing faster than the school age population is in Shorewood, it becomes necessary for both the School Board and the Village Board to review their present policies and develop a community approach to an aging citizenry.

People over 60 can make contributions to the services provided by the village as well as be recipients..This is not a one way street as may be commonly believed, where services are only to be provided to the older adults.

Many citizens of Shorewood would like to see the community begin to look into the provision of group homes and independent living accommodations in our community for adults of all ages.

There are many possibilities including existing apartment buildings and facilities that can be grouped together in a meaningful way to provide self-servicing and independent accommodations. Although these can be cooperative-type ventures, arrangement for in-lieu-of-taxes can also be made.

Some Shorewood citizens are working toward presenting such proposals. I'd like to see both the Schools and the Village assist in preparing for some studies of the type of facilities and the type of participation that might be available. Seemingly further ideas along these lines will be coming up toward the early part of the year.

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