What is “our own good?”

Candidates and election

I suppose that at least two of the three incumbents will re-run for office here in Shorewood for the same reasons that they  ran before.

Their main reason is to serve the citizens of Shorewood and do things for “our own good.” But in that same interest we may not be told about “our own good” nor should it perhaps be explained as events turn.

I think too, perhaps it is in “our own good” that we don't know. But I'm a little silly at times, if not at most times when I feel there are somethings I should know at the end of the mystery. I feel it best when there's a solution in the mystery story.

But I'm willing to accept that those who are there to serve know most of these things but for good reason do not want to make public their answers to questions. Perhaps many of these questions are without answers.

I believe that where most policies, solutions and answers come about by consensus that one individual can not speak for the others.

Therefore one Shorewood Trustee would be presumptuous to speak.  And as there's no way they can speak in unison, it is best that no one speak. One solution is to develop a “master plan” derived by consensus and there it is, just read it and there are the combined answers.  Like a juice mix. 

The reaching of a consensus is like mixing various fruit juices in a mixing bowl, although each juice has its own flavor, mixed together we produce a combined flavor and would one person be able to explain that combined taste? I understand.

It is I, that am being a bit unreasonable in trying to determine which juices were combined to make the mixture. I suppose all the Board members giggle when I try to guess.

It is fun for all of us, because I too enjoy playing guessing games and I too giggle at times.

So whomever is running for office, we know that whatever the juice mix or the consensus, it will be for “our own good,” so not to mind. Perhaps not to mind voting as it can't help but be for “our own good,” so what's the point?

Why make a big issue. If no one knows, or if some don't know that there's going to be an election, it's no big deal. It's for “our own good.” We all know that.

But if one of the incumbents knows, I'd like to ask at a forum, who NOW owns the property on which the Riverbrook restaurant was once located and what are the conditions of ownership? 

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