What's going on? Aren't we entitled to know?

At the heart of community.

In terms of a general decline in businesses operating in Shorewood, it may not be in the community interest to overlook or justify the lack of development of empty lots, delay in or cancellation of some of our development plans.

It may not be attractive to potential businesses nor uplifting to see a boarded up former restaurant building, businesses for sale, buildings with signs for rent and for lease.

I'm sure we don't want to see additional empty store fronts in our business district, a place that is advertised to be so attractive that it is “only two-feet away” from anywhere important.

Instead of continuing to let all these negative things happen, it would seem that a more immediate and positive goal for Shorewood in terms of the Shorewood Village Book Store and coffee room would be to save it.

This is of course in the best of community interest from almost every standpoint.

Our principle economic goal in Shorewood is not to add to our declining economic situation.

Avoiding thought or actual discussion of the closing of Schwartz's Bookstore and coffee room here today is far from clever.

This enterprise has been functioning as a significant element in the heart of our community.

Now there is nothing to stop us from acquiring this Village Bookstore and coffee room. It is one of the central attractions in our business district. We can all see that. But then why isn't VILLAGE HALL discussing the possibilities of keeping it going.

It's important that we step in to reverse this trend of decline and perhaps stagnation of our business district.

I call on the BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT first of all to explain their lack of activity in moving toward keeping the vitality of our bookstore and central coffee room.

If BID hasn't done anything to keep the Bookstore going, why hasn't it done something?

Secondly, I call on the TRUSTEES OF THIS VILLAGE to explain why they are not responding to this problem that calls for immediate action?

I know that they have been approached by citizens about this and yet they have not attempted to give any sort of explanation. Their general and collective silence is indeed troublesome.

And thirdly, the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY should explain as to whether their plans for redevelopment of this block includes doing away with the BOOKSTORE.

Has Roundy's purchased this building in conjunction with CDA plans in order to eventually throw out Schwartz's?  Are these plans then to eliminate a significant social element on this block?  What is the thinking behind this?

Are the plans deliberately designed to replace the building that houses the bookstore with another type business and specifically, the Pick-n-Save grocery store?

What is the thinking behind killing the social significance of this block?

The fact that these questions are here on the table, it seems that they require answers in the interest of representative democratic government.  Or do we have that kind of government in our village?

Don't these agencies or members representing these agencies deem the questions worthy of answers?

This situation seems to indicate a serious weakness in our system.

Then what about holding a town meeting within the next few weeks on this subject or perhaps a suggestion of some other suitable way to clue-in the public before we lose this opportunity.

Aren't citizens required some feed-back?

Taxation without representation” was what brought on the American Revolution.

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