Who represents me? nn

Representation in government.

Shorewood has become a local government of VIRTUAL REPRESENTATION, that's is, a government where citizens do not directly vote for whom they want to represent them.

Apparently few, and in this coming election, no one wants to seek office except those who are already holding those positions.  At other times there are many who also seek position without being elected by the people.

This situation has taken democracy here in our community to perilous straits, where citizens no longer need to be listened to.

The argument of “no taxation without representation” was countered by those in government in London on the basis that people of the colonies had “virtual representation” as did the people of Britain.

It seems that those presently in government here in Shorewood are satisfied with what is in an actual fact, less than “virtual representation.”

The American colonist revolted against that notion and as a result there was a war that separated us from England and even today we are grateful for the establishment of a whole new system of democracy.

I haven't heard anyone within our local government here in Shorewood however express any regret that we are no longer able to engage in the fulfillment of the principles established in that whole new system of democracy.

Thus we shall be re-installing people in office here next month who only “virtually represent” any of us. None of those seeking office will be chosen in any other way, except that they already hold office.

They cannot be blamed for the fact that no one is opposing them in the coming election. But as people of government, “a democratic government” they seem to take advantage of this situation with pleasure and indicating no regret.

I haven't heard anyone who is presently on the Shorewood Village Board publicly suggesting concern as to the problem of being part only of a “virtual democracy'” or of providing us only with “virtual representation.” Have you?

Will it now take another revolution to correct for a situation where only an assemble of gentry govern over us, claiming to be “virtual representatives?”

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