Rising out of the village center, more than a mediocre vision of Shorewood?

A village center.

Shorewood's village president, Guy Johnson, upon re-election, earlier this month said that as his underlying goal “he will work with the board and the village manager to refine and implement our village vision.”

I hope that our village president will lead the board and village manager to Santiago Calatrava, as part of the president's refining of his and the board's vision and as I urged in my previous posting.  

Calatrava, absent a Michelangelo will give us more than a vision refined, he will provide us with the real thing, an organic structure of a village center, physical in shape and operation, more than a vision, weather related, solar energy and all and for all of us to see and experience.

Shouldn't we look toward the best for the village?   Why the mediocre?   Mr. Village President, can you please lead us toward this vision, an upscale vision and implement that?

Can we envision what a Calatrava structure would look like, rising right out of the center of the village of Shorewood?  That would be something in a walkable community to walk to. 

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