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All-City Parade, dance, events

When we moved to a dot on the map in 1966, what was I hoping to find? Probably a city of artists and activists. And more and more over the years, that’s what Milwaukee has become.

For the past few months these artists and activists have been working together to create the Third Annual All-City People’s Parade, a dream parade. It’s our dream of metamorphosis from the present rancorous and roiling world to a happier, more habitable, more charitable planet. The grubby grub becomes a butterfly. But can the hard-working, community-oriented ants repel the greedy grasshoppers? Will the grains of respect for ourselves and each other increase their flow in the hourglass of time?

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Glimpses of PastPresentFuture

events, performance, Boswell Books

In 1977, with no prior warning, I began to write short stories. And once I started, I had too much fun ever to stop, although it did feel lonely. I knew a lot of visual artists, only two or three writers. I felt as if I was writing in a vacuum.

Since then I’ve discovered that our niche in the Midwest is alive with talented people, writers, artists, musicians, actors, dancers. And I’ve had the opportunity to work with and perform with many of them! On September 21st at Boswell Books, I have another opportunity: I’ll be reading with Lucille Rosenberg and William Murtaugh, two special writers who care about the world around them and share, with eloquence, their experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

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