We, the insiders, we must live in paranoia.

The villagers.

Yesterday, I passed by and saw it again. The remainder of the book store sign was being removed and fixtures were being carried out.


A slight fear came over me. What are they going to be doing there in coming days, weeks and months? We still seem to be dismantling the body?


Who is plotting what? What are the secrets?


This village is full of secrets. Secrets is the word I use for those things that I do not know about.


There are many things in the minds of villagers that I do not know about. That's fine.


But many of shop owners and many of the owners of our commercial buildings are not from Shorewood. Only the villagers are entitled to their secrets. What are the outsiders plotting? We, the villagers should know.


And among these outsiders are government officials, once villagers and now also outsiders because of their plotting and their visions.


We, inside the village, no longer the insiders. What do we know? What are we allowed to know? We must let paranoia reign, for all are plotting.


Why all this activity about our former book store, now dead? Why disturb the body?


What will we now do with the empty tomb? Who knows?


Only the outsiders know. Theirs is the reality.   We, the rest of us must live in united illusion, in fear of the unknown vision and therefore in an assumed paranoia, looking out from the inside.

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