It's your move.

Simple economics



Our capitalist system has survived the injections of Social Security and Medicare, unemployment compensation, all the military academies and the Veterans Administration, the Internal Revenue Service as well as a series of Congresses over these many decades, not to speak of the postal service. 


It has survived even much more in spite of constant predictions of its demise. All organism submit and accommodate to change.


Yet in spite of our survival, we must keep out an eye for the ever changing money changers constantly changing their appearances and seeking to enter our sacred temple.


During the Great Depression we put money in the hands of the workers by establishing work projects. We have a great need for many work projects today.


At the present time money-holders are not inclined to engage in projects. Their main interests are in money changing and in the stock market not in making work or in production.


We must make work in order to maintain a consumer base for our products and consumers must buy our products in order to maintain a work base.


Money holders are going to continue to hold their money, especially with low interest rates until they can be enticed to invest in better money producing ventures. This is a slow process and we can suffer from inaction.


We are a great consuming country, yet the producers of the goods that we consume must be enticed to produce in this country if we are to have jobs and remain consumers.


We can not survive merely as a service economy. How can we service people who cannot afford service?


Capitalist must understand that they can contribute to the survival of capitalism by bringing money into the system.


This can be done in many ways, including taxing the rich. To avoid taxation, they must hurry and find ways to invest in production.


Otherwise, the government, as it has begun to do must establish a WPA system, a work projects administration supported by taxing the rich.


It's your move, money-holders and capitalist supporters and it must be done quickly. Either invest or be taxed.


Is there anyone out there, even listening, let alone thinking this out? Should there be?

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