Community focal point.



Perhaps the OPEN BOOK coop may become an important center in Shorewood where people of the village, people with common community interests are able to come together on a day to day basis, sitting together socially and enjoying a cup of coffee and the possession of a good book to take home.


This arrangement provides us with a sort of public reading room as well.


There have been a number who supported this place as the place for a bookstore even before it broke up where people could buy books and sometimes come together spontaneously.


Now we have opened this opportunity again. Thanks to those who have had the foresight and the willingness to put in the time and to do all the work required to get everything together in the interest of the community. I never thought that a coop would be possible.


Of course, it shall require the continued support of the community as it proceeds.


It has manged finally to get the attention of those at Village Hall who have obviously accepted its appropriateness by generously lending the coop $35,000. Thanks to our officials for recognizing its importance.


Some additional grants of that magnitude obviously would be helpful in the near run and perhaps in the long run. These would be good community gestures by generous members of our community


I, for one, wish this venture good luck, for it is an enthusiastically citizen initiated and supported enterprise. The best of luck to OPEN BOOK, a real element of “community” and a good community focal point.

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