COMMUNITY and community development.

Real community.



I believe that actual development of community should be Shorewood's primary community development objective. Does this concept coincide with that held by members of the School Board and the Village Board?


Given our economic base, we should be fairly sound economically at least for several generations, beyond planning range. Our socio-economic base should provide us with the means for the development of community.


I would locate the generative point of community for Shorewood directly within the school system.


Here is where parents and children's interest come together for about a generation at at time. That time can be expanded and overlaping. What is needed is that the schools find ways of including the grandparents and  those of grandparent age into the everyday function of our schools along with the interest of the parents.


By giving the “grandparents” a role and by formally including them in the developing lives of children, we complete the circle and convey the ingredient required to create close to complete community.


This can be done on a simple and practical basis, that of developing a curriculum leading to a diploma in community development for elderly adults and additionally resulting from their interrelationship function of their long term involvement.


Part of their requirements for attaining the diploma will require that each of the elderly students “grandparents” be engaged in a role of education and development of those of school age. This participation would require no compensation.


The schools and elderly will perform many functions within “the business of community development.” The relationships would for example,  add on to the present once a-year weekend engagement of the generations. These present events have made real the greater community potential that exists within all of us.


The existing system state aid as given could be modified merely by making each enrolled elderly student eligible within the count for state aid.


It would be here within the schools where the three generations can be woven together into the fabric of community. Many occasions and events could evolve. This would of course be a significant element of children's education and give some justification to longevity.


I offer this as the practical means for achieving the basic objective of community development, that of creating intergeneration community.


I'm assuming that all members of the School Board and the Village Board can not disagree with this definition of “community development” and the general objective it presents.


If there are other notions or concepts in the air, then they should be presented for evaluation.


I'm offering my concept to guide us in all of our real “community development” functions which will open up much more than the mere manipulation of real estate real estate values.



SOCIAL MADNESS,” Thomas Carlyle. A note for today: Let's remember we are still at war. Men and women are dying. Let's honor them and think of their families, especially in this spiritual season. (Additional madness: all of this at one million dollars per soldier per year).

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