Citizen serices. Community donations.



A recently published list of names of people who have donated to the the Shorewood Foundation appeared in a recent publication.


I looked for Bill Benjamin's name, a former Shorewood citizen who had been quite a participant in important Shorewood functions. I feel honored to have sat on a planning committee with him years ago.


I don't believe there are more than a few who have donated as much as $1.2 million to the Foundation. Yet I could not find his name on the list. I've not seen his name in public print nor mentioned by public officials of late.  What about Bill Benjamin?


Have members of the Foundation heard of  his name or that he left a million dollars for senior facilities? Perhaps that was too much money to leave. So his name is to be remembered separately and given special honor?


I know that Bill Benjamin left Shorewood over 1 million dollars.  I hope that I shall not be the only citizen to publicly remind people of that.  Could it have got misplaced?


I think his name should come up over and over again and that he be honored for having done that? Shouldn't the Foundation make special mention of Bill Benjamin's gift to the community and what of plans for its future use?  

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